West Street is an undivided city-maintained road that runs north-south between Institute Road and Pleasant Street.

Actual Road InformationEdit

A traffic count performed by Mass Highway in 2000 revealed an average daily traffic (ADT) count of 2,200 vehicles for the portion between Institute Road and Route 9.

Significance to WPIEdit

West Street used to extend past its current terminus at Institute Road north to Salisbury Street. The portion of West Street between Institute Road and Salisbury Street bisected the WPI campus. This portion was closed in August 1995, when WPI traded a parcel of land located in Institute Park to the City of Worcester for the rights to the street. In 1996, Reunion Plaza opened featuring The Fountain and reunited campus.

West Street still extends several hundred feet north into the campus core as the primary entrance for visitors. This portion can be referred to as the West Street Extension, although the street sign is simply labeled "Private Way".

The portion of West Street between Institute Road and Route 9 is sometimes colloquially referred to as Phi Sig row. Between 2003 and 2005, over 16 sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma lived in apartments there.

West Street is also the home of Theo Properties, a common landlord of WPI students and WPI-area apartments.


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