The Wedge in 2001, before it lost most of its furniture.

The Wedge refers to the triangular area joining Morgan Hall and Daniels Hall. It is home to the Access Grid, NetOps, and on Friday nights, the Science Fiction Society (SFS). The only entrance to DAKA is also in the Wedge. Various practices are occasionally held here, since it is a medium sized unallocated indoor space, and most traffic can be conveniently directed around the edge of the Wedge.

The wedge used to be two areas, the Upper Wedge and Lower Wedge. The Lower Wedge was remodeled into NetOps and the Access Grid, but was previously one room. Prior to the renovation of the lower-wedge, the area used to be a late-night hang out for a unique group of students dubbed "wedge-rats". Once the lower-wedge was effectively closed off to them they migrated to an octagonal room opposite the information desk on the main floor of the Campus Center sometimes referred to as the "Fire Place Room" (no mystery here the room has a fireplace in it.) Due to the relocation of the "wedge-rats" to this octagonal room, the nicknamed morphed from "fire place room" to Octo-Wedge a name that can baffle those new to WPI since there is no obvious connection to the wedge. Most agree that the phasing out of the term wedge-rat is for the better since the word was based on a disparaging and disrespectful opinion that those students who occupied the wedge were in some way rat-like.

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