The Children's Center was going to be a day care center primarily for the children of WPI staff and faculty. It would have been jointly run by the Worcester Jewish Community Center.


The center was to be located at 15 Schussler Road. The apartment that is currently there is owned by WPI.


A need for a day care was determined by a campus wide survey that showed that a number of staff with young children (age <= 4). Moreover, the same survey showed that there would be a future need for the facility for growing families.

The home-like environment the center would have sported was planned to have been able to accomodate seven infants, eighteen toddlers, and twenty pre-schoolers. Preference for enrollment would be given to the faculty, staff, and students of WPI.


  • May 1995 - Request for proposals sent to local day care providers
  • October 1995 - Worcester JCC selected as provider
  • February 1996 - Children's Center formally announced
  • February - August 1996 - Something Didn't Happen
  • August 1996 - Proposed Opening