Thai Cha-Da is a Thai reastaurant on the corner of Park Avenue and Pleasant Street.

The dining room has four tables that are on an elevated platform with a pit beneath it, allowing guests to sit on the floor while eating. There is also a full compliment of normal tables and chairs.

Generally empty and quiet, Thai Cha-Da is a perfect place to get a change from DAKA, take the visiting parents, a date, or a meeting. There has been an increase in patronage on weekends with the dining room reaching 75% of capacity.

Thai Cha-Da is one of many reastaurants where there are also frequent sightings of students from Clark University.

Thai SnobsEdit

Some current students and alumni become Thai Snobs after completing IQP in Bangkok. After having been in Thailand, one is able to distinguish just how non-Thai Thai Cha-Da is. Thai Snobs often complain about how their representation of Thai food is too Americanized and not authentic.

Thai Cha Da EntertainmentEdit

The music at Thai Cha Da is very authentic. However, they have only one CD. Some patrons have a favorite song despite the lack of variety.

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