Technichords ("TChords") is WPI's no fella a cappella group. The Technichords began in 2007 and branched out

Singing "Mercy", Temptations from the Muses

from WPI's previous female a cappella group, Interstate 8. The group usually comprises around 10-13 females who are undergraduates at WPI. Auditions are held in September and one is required to perform a solo, show their range, sight read, and sing with the group to be considered for the group. Selected individuals are then invited to callbacks. The Technichords host an acapella show every year (usually during February) with a "Temptations" theme. The group released a CD in 2011 titled "Pinned Up", comprised of some of their favorite and best numbers.
TChords 09.05.10

TChords 2010


Technichords 2008-2009

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Temptations from the Muses - Spring 2013

The Technichords branched from the previous all female a cappella group at WPI, the Interstate 8, in 2006.

The Technichords recorded their first studio album, "Pinned Up", with The Vocal Company of Boston.

Musical Directors

The musical director is elected by the group at the end of each Academic Year.

Name Academic Year
Lori Ferris 2006-2007
Emilia Martini 2007-2009
Gina Roffo 2009-2011
Elizabeth Riendeau 2011-2012
Rebecca Draper 2012-2014
Lydia Johnston 2014
Katrina Bradley 2014-2016
Erica Bowden 2016-2017
Abbie Roane 2017-

Business Directors

The business director is elected by the group at the end of each Academic Year.

Name Academic Year
Elizabeth Riendeau 2012-2013
Alison Brasser 2013-2015
Alessandra Cerio 2015-2016
Katherine Moore 2016-2017

Stage Managers

The stage manager is elected by the group at the end of each Academic Year.


Academic Year

Kat McKenna


Amanda Leigh Eaton


Mel Wiater


Alison Brasser 2012-2013
Amanda Baltazar 2013-2014
Victoria Scott 2014-2015
Megan Errichetti 2015-2016
Hannah Olshansky 2016-2017
Bailey Sweet 2017-2018

Current Members

Member Class
Olivia Martin 2020
Megan Errichetti 2018
Rachel Smallcomb 2020
Taylor Thompson 2019

Bailey Sweet

Olivia Gulezian 2020
Fiona Doyle 2021
Katherine Edel 2021
Kate Olguin 2020
Katherine Moore 2018
Jacquie Claveau 2018
Shruti Bhatia 2020
Liz Callahan 2020
Daniela Costa 2018
Rachel Scaer 2018
Hannah Olshansky 2019
Abigail Roane 2019
Maddie Brown 2020

Past Shows

2007 - Temptations

2008 - Temptations from the Girls Next Door

2009 - Temptations from the Red Carpet

2010 - Temptations from the Jungle

2011 - Temptations from the Wild West

2011 - CD Release Show! "Pinned Up"

2012 - Temptations from the City

2013 - Temptations from the Muses

2014 - Temptations from the Stations

2015 - Temptations from the Cosmos

2016 - Temptations from the 'Toons

2017 - Temptations from the Troublemakers

2018 - Temptations from Treasure Island


  • It used to be Technichords tradition to take a group photo of everyone's butts.
    • Why this was the case is still a mystery
  • As of 2017, every Technichord has laughed at this image [1]
  • As tested in 2017, the ratio of members who will dab back at you if you dab at them is 18:1
    • This is the highest ratio out of all the acapella groups.
    • It is unknown what has caused this abnormally high dab concentration.
  • If a Technichord (usually an upperclassman) yells "TECHNICHORDS!" all other Technichords must immediately yell back "HUH!" as loud as they can.