This is a list of the current and former editorial staff of The Towers, formerly Tech News and Newspeak. Positions were held for one calendar year (Spring - Fall). Not all positions existed for every year. Co-editorship was allowed for several of the positions.

Former editors in their final semester were given "Associate Editor" standing (not included below). In addition, those who have served in the "top three" editorial roles - Editor in Chief, News, and Features - are referred to as "Emeritus" post-graduation if they publish an article afterward (EIC Emeritus, News Editor Emeritus, Features Editor Emeritus). After 2000, however, the "Emeritus" title no longer conveyed any additional special privileges.

Year Editor in Chief News Editor Features Editor Sports Editor Photo Editor Layout Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager Webmaster Copy Editor
2000 Justin Greenough (C-D '00)
Cathy (A '00)
Vacant (B '00)
Cathy (C-D '00)
2001 Dave Lucarini (C-D '01)
Sarah Themm (A-B '01)
Joe Frawley Cathy (C-D '01)
Vacant (A-B '01)
Chun-Shek Chan
2002 Joe Frawley Darius Kazemi Lee Charon* (C-D '02)
John Baird (acting) (A-B '02)
2003 Darius Kazemi Dan Lorente '04 John Baird '04
2004 Darius Kazemi Mary Brock
2005 Kit Golan (C-D '05)
2007 Andrew Teixeira, John Upton
2008 Andrew Teixeira, John Upton John Sandbrook Sidath Wijesooriya Dan Suitor Kyle Miller Kazim Naqvi Andrew Labak James Montgomery Melanie Donahue
2009 John Upton '10, John Sandbrook '11 James Montgomery '11 Daniel Suitor '11 Billy Hawkins '12 Gabe Morell-Pacheco '12 Vacant Chad Caisse, Melanie Donahue Fidelis Wambui '10 Stephanie Post '12
2010 John Sandbrook Hiral Dutia Stephanie Post Billy Hawkins Jacob Shufro James D'Entremont Gabriel Morell-Pacheco

  • Lee Charon was impeached in A Term 2002 for stealing from the newspaper office and not performing his editorial responsibilities. John Baird acted as Features Editor, but was not elected to the position until 2003.