This is an incomplete record of Science Fiction Society minutes, with the newest listed first.

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February 24, 2010Edit

2/24: Wednesday came, did you bring your silly hat?

Francesco did not bring his silly hat (and by that I mean I took it from him) so we beat him senseless. It was fun. In commemoration of the Beating of the Francesco, I have decided to bring you Rejected Minutes!

Friday Gaming is a banana! A tasty banana which will be held in the Octowedge at 7 PM.

Sunday Magic's anus is bleeding! Eww...Ok, I'm not even going to touch that one. Literally. That's gross. If you want to dance and be happy about poor Sunday Magic, show up at 12:30 PM in the CC.

Monday, we have to kill Sam LaFleche because he didn't bring his coat. It was decided it would be best to do this by goring him unicorn style with Miranda's pointy hat.

Marcus is fat and sassy. He is also continuing his showing of Torchwood on Tuesday, probably at 8 PM, probably in Chairman's.

Wednesday Anime is Sayonara Zetsubuo Sensei, where a depressed teacher can't kill himself and has cheery students. Now with more sodium!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GWAAAAAAAAAAH! BWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! VAMPIRES! Ben is showing vampires! And the slayers thereof. Well, really just Buffy. He suggests that if you haven't seen it yet, come this week, as the first episode is "The Wish" and is spanktacular. 8 PM in AK 116. Huzzah.

Robert Grady is busy being the Queeeeen of Fraaaaance and can't run his pregame show until the second weekend of D-term (the week after Gaming Weekend). If you want to do something with the spanky reserved Chairman's room from 12-6 Saturday, let us know and we'll get you all set up.

My Saturday One Shots are too big!! Well, too big for Marcus alone. I know, weird. As such, he will be showing an episode of A Certain Scientific Railgun at 6 PM in Chairman's. At around 6:45, Adam Nakama will be showing the D&D movies. If any of you feel brave enough to face this challenge, he will be waiting, and he will not show mercy.

As the acronym finished, the secretaries began to tire and the minutes became unstable and began to fall apart...

The Philosophy Club is showing it's next movie, Slumdog Millionaire, this week. Come by Salisbury 105 at 7 PM on Saturday for some Jai Ho fun. Hey look, a screw fell on the ground. Wonder where it came from.

Special announce-*creak* uhhh....special announcement! We have a Facebook group! Apparently, it was started along time ago by our good friend Jo but was forgotten until she recently passed it over to me. *bump* Hmmmm...odd. Anyway, it will be updated with tasty nuggets of info as yet another way to keep informed about club stuff (you know, apart from the website and wiki, which people should totally check out every now and then *cough cough*). The link is long and icky, but just search for Science Fiction Society and look for the one with Teddythulhu on a bookshelf.

T-shirt voting is starting tomorrow, when the submissions will be finalized. You can view your possible choices and vote at until next week's meeting. *thump* Hey...what was that?

As yet another way to get the info you want, when you want it, this is a message for all the elders/ex-SFSers/random riffraff that are on this list strictly to hear about Gaming Weekend. There is a mailing list called sfs-gw that will have information solely about Gaming Weekend. If you would...does it seem sort of shaky in here? Oh well. If you would like to be moved from sfs-announce to sfs-gw, send me an email. Additionally, there will be a signup sheet at Gaming Weekend for people coming from distant lands. Note: anything that goes to sfs-gw will go to sfs-announce, so you don't need to be on both.

  • crash boom falling sky*

HOLY CRAP!! *runs* Speaking of Gaming Weekend (eep!), which is March 19-21 (*barrel roll*), we are now accepting plugs! If you have something *trips but keeps going* that you want to run at Gaming Weekend, either email sfs@BOB *dodge* or come announce it at the meeting. -For our first plug-oh God a black hole!! FOR OUR FIRST PLUG ERIC IS RUNNING A MAGE ONE-SHOT AHHHHHH!! *dives* Phew, that was close. Anyway, he will be creating some premade characters that you can choose to play with or, alternatively, you can make a character beforehand. Yes, you can be a Jedi. For questions/to reserve a spot, email epw@BOB.

I'm getting out of here! This place is crazy! We're all-

Doomedly yours, Rhiannon "Rejected" Chiacchiaro

September 30, 2009Edit

9/30: Marcus and Ben are hugging. I'm scared.


HAPPY GOOD FUN TIMES! Today's minutes start with a special announcement. Coming soon (and by that I mean now) to the SFS....It's the GAMING WEEKEND LIST! That's right, friends, if you've had any people who have asked you "When is Gaming Weekend? Where is Gaming Weekend? What is this blasphemous thing called Gaming Weekend?" (or if you are that friend) fear no longer! The new mailing list, sfs-gw@BOB, will be sending out announcements twice a year relating solely to A and D-Term Gaming Weekend. If you want to be switched from the announce list to the GW list, email sfs@BOB. If you have a friend who wants on the list, tell them to email sfs@BOB. Also, to let people know, D-Term Gaming Weekend will be March 26-28. Again, that's MARCH 26-28!! Weeee! Ok, onto the real minutes.

Friday Gaming will still occur at 7 in the Octowedge, with games galore (remember to email sfs@BOB if there is a game you want to see there)! This Friday will have a special run of Hero Quest, run by yours truly. If you want to be in this game or have any questions about it, you can email me at rhichi@BOB and save a spot.

Sunday Magic release event for "some sane amount of money" which will get you shiny cards and pretty things from Wizards of the Coast. 12:30 PM in the Morgan room.

Old, Grumpy Dr. Who is probably gonna explode and be replaced by New, Slightly Less Grumpy Dr. Who around 8 PM Tuesday in Chairman's (most likely).

B5 will continue on tonight in the middle of Season 2. Right here (AK 116), right now.

This week, Thursday Kill Bob Saget will be Thursday Slay Bob Saget. Through the heart. With a steak. I mean stake.

Starting Saturday at 12:30 PM in the Chairman's room (hopefully), Ben will show two movies on the themes Claustrophobia and Shapes. Movie one is Cube, the heartwarming story of people trying to make their way through a labyrinth of deathtraps. The second movie will be Sphere, in which mathematician Samuel L. Jackson investigates a crashed alien space shape. Ummm...ship.

For it's fourth attempt in a row, Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu will go up against a competitor in Saturday Anime. And probably lose to Kara no Kyoukai (the story of a girl and her magical fruit knife). Be there at 8 PM in Chairman's for the showdown.

So, after this past weekend's very successful library cleaning attempts, we have found a large amount of duplicate books. Included in them are scifi and fantasy novels, as well as multiple copies of Wedgefic, an old litmag-type compilation created by SFS Elder Adam Nakama. Pick up a free copy of any of these books and enjoy! Leftovers will be at Gaming Weekend, which, again, is March 26-28.

For those interested in SLAW (SFS Live Action Weekend): The schedule is up! Go to if you want to sign up for a game. There are still some open, so check it out! 

And finally, if you see Bishop in the next day or so, make sure to sign his petition to run for Veep of the SGA. Together we shall overthrow!

Well, that seems like everything. I'll see you at Friday Gaming! BYEEEEE! *flies away*

Rhiannon "I'm being crowded by people scrounging through the books" Chiacchiaro

September 23, 2009Edit

9/23/09- I blame Marcus for any inconsistencies.

Hello comrades,

So, this week my PQP advisor moved our class to Wednesday. I told him I had to leave at 7, but did he listen? Nooooo. So, needless to say, I wasn't there until the very end and couldn't take minutes. I was going to use the ones Marcus gave me and revise them, but looking at them now, I figure they would be best appreciated in its original, Jim Theiss-style glory. Sadly, that means it's sadly lacking in any useful information, so I've tried my best to add a translation guide to the bottom. It's strange...first the Eye of Hazing, now the Eye of Minutes...

By the way, for whoever doesn't understand what I mean by Eye of Hazing, you really should come to an SFS meeting and sign the anti-hazing form. Please and thanks!

And now...YOUR MINUTES! (Ooooooo)

September 16, 2009Edit

9/16: A Pirates of the Caribbean reference, and no Johnny Depp. So sad...


Today the Black Pearl docked in AK 116. And by the Black Pearl, I mean Jansen's sparkly gaming computer. It was impressive.


It took Jansen three tries to say the acronym, but let's hope I can get the minutes down on the first try.

Gaming will occur this Friday. It's a new concept, yes, but we're going to try it out. For this highly experimental event, we will try hosting it in the Octowedge at 7 PM.

Wizards of the Coast are evil and denied Sam his shiny new cards. As such, he has no new product, but he will still play with people who have their cards this Sunday.

B5 is returning this week, where we will fly forward into season 2. Hopefully it will by AK 116, but we are having sound issues so it may move upstairs. It will be our last, best hope for entertainment.

Marcus has finally made a decision. Tuesdays will now be showing (wait for it)...Dr. Who!! It will be held in Chairman's at 6:30 PM every week for Doctory goodness. It may or may not start with the old, grumpy Doctor episodes.

The Surreal Movies this week are following the theme of Memory and Enduring Identity by showing Dark City, a movie apparently so awesome it got 16 stars by Roger Ebert. After that, Ben will show the only anime to ever win an Academy Award and the most popular Japanese animated movie of all time.'s not La Blue Girl: The Movie. It's Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away! The movies will be starting at 12:30 PM and going until about 4:30 PM. The room has changed, but the WPI website is making us sad, so we’ll let you know what room it is later.

This week's Saturday Anime candidates are Neon Genesis Evangelion and, returning for a second week, Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu. Stop by at 6:30 PM in Chairman's to vote and watch.

I love copy-pasting, so here's a plug!

We have a new slave. But we’re going to call him the librarian. His name is Mike Miranda and he is your friend. See Miranda. See Miranda run. Run, Miranda, run!!


Well, that appears to be it…how short. My fingers aren’t even bleeding. Oh well.


Enjoy your mid-terms!

Rhiannon “I love Jack Sparrow, so sue me!” Chiacchiaro


P.S. Due to some confusion, I’m sending this out again, with clarification. If you want to send out an email that contains WPI mail or Gmail addresses in the body, you need to use aliases in the email body. If the email ends with, please write @BOB. If it is, use @STEVE. This is to keep those nasty autobots that send us spam at bay.

However, when you email someone directly, send it to the real email. @BOB and @STEVE are not valid webhosts and any email you send to that address will bounce back. Thank you, and have a nice day.

September 9, 2009Edit

9/9: I think the whole club was out seeing 9. I want to see 9.

Welcome back from your GW coma. Before starting these minutes, the officers would like to take a second to thank you for making it awesome. Good job club! Now, onto your minutes.

The acronym was long this week. Behold!

Friday Gaming is returning to its nice, short time span. Sadly, it also means we're going back in the teeny weeny Octowedge.

Sunday Magic will be meeting up "in the Campus Center Lounge at 12:30, in the Campus Center Lounge at 12:30, in the Campus Center Lounge at 12:30, in the Campus Center Lounge at 12:30." (LaFleche, 2009) It will be a $9 draft, and you don't need to have your own cards.

Saturday Anime will occur in the Chairman's room at 6 PM. The choices to be voted on are Dennou Coil and Full Metal Panic.

Tuesday Andromeda is off, most likely. There will most likely be a meeting for the people who responded to Marcus about Airsoft. He will send out further info to you all later. If you want to get on the Airsoft train, email MarcusM@BOB.

Not this week, but next week, Ben will be starting his 6:30 PM Thursday TUB of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. If you don't know what that is, you deserve to have Joss Whedon throw cows at you.

Also from Ben, Saturday Surreal Movies will be starting up again. Each week he runs two strange, out there, bizarre movies to eat your mind. It will be at 12:30 PM, most likely in Chairman's room. This week's movies will be The City of Lost Children, where Ron Pearlman and orphans beat up some dude who steals dreams, and The Matrix: IN HD!!!! Ooooo Hi-Def.

For scheduling purposes, Kill Bob Saget has moved to Mondays. This Monday, let's all go to Jansen's apartment, where we hear that he's shapeshifted to look like Jansen. It's totally Bob Saget, not Jansen, we swear.

Guess what guys! Wednesday B5 is amazing now! We've moved into the territory of actual good episodes. Come on down to AK 116 to watch it. RIGHT NOW!

Important Announcement: Zach does not have an announcement to make. *clap*

Corey is still looking for people to join his D&D 3.5 or Vampire: The Masquerade gaming group. Email cjlauer@BOB if you wanna be his friend.

On the topic of games, Jansen is continuing his series of Villains Are T3H AWESOME tabletops. That's right, from the creator of Technocracy: Screw the Mages, comes Excrucians: Die, Nobles, Die! It will run from the end of A-term until C-term. Send janzen@BOB your character concepts. You can be a Deceiver, a Strategist, Sam LaFleche...I mean umm...totally not Sam LaFleche. He is a good man.

So, we have new officers. With new officers come new nicknames! Let's all welcome Sam "Marcus: the Gathering" LaFleche and Cory "Marcus 2.0" Lauer. Damn you, Marcus, damn you.

Well, that's all for this week. I'm going to back to PQP. *twitch*

-Rhiannon "Got a bee sting in the forehead" Chiacchiaro

September 2, 2009Edit

9/2: It's GAAAAAAAAAAMING WEEKEND! *insert joyous music*

So there's this may have heard rumors. Something about a weekend. A weekend of gaming...Well, the rumors are true!

Friday Gaming, Saturday Anime, and Sunday Magic are beng assimilated into Gaming Weekend. Normality will resume next week. We hope.

Gaming Weekend has many events. So many that my fingers can't type them all out right now. As such, a master list typed up by the meaty fingers of Marcus will be sent out following these minutes.

We have a new (temporary) Vice President and (also temporary) Treasurer. This term's new officers will be Sam LaFleche, Magic man extraordinaire, and Corey Lauer, the youngest treasurer this side of the SGA (the dark side, if you had forgotten).

Well, that was a stark juxtaposition to last week's minutes...YAY! I'm free!!!! *runs away*

See you Friday!

Rhiannon "AK 116 has alot of blackboards!" Chiacchiaro

August 26, 2009Edit

8/26: Mmmm fresh meat...I mean, freshmen...

Welcome back my little chickadees. Did you have a nice summer? How is your wife? I have been extra good this year...ok that's enough Charlie Brown quoting. On to the first minutes of the new school year. Also, Marcus is apparently a drunk.

Friday Gaming, the wonderful thing that happens every Friday, is happening. Friday. Campus Center Lounge (aka Octowedge). At 7. PM. There will be board games, card games, awesomeness, and drinks.

Wednesday Anime died. It has reincarnated as, wait for it, Saturday Anime!! Every Saturday there will be anime at 6 PM in the Chairman's Room, which is that lovely little room below the stairs in the bottom floor of the Campus Center.

Marcus will be continuing his endeavours of Tuesday Andromeda. He will start at the beginning if there are new people who really want him to do so.

Also continuing will be Sam's lovechild, aka Magic: The Gathering. There will be a $9 draft this Sunday and games every following Sunday. Meet him in the ground floor of Jean Luc Picard Memorial Hall. For the freshmen who may have been misinformed during NSO, it's the big residence hall next to Founder's, down the hill. Some people may mistakenly refer to it as East Hall, but we know better. Email shl@BOB* with questions.

In the ashes of Wednesday Anime will rise Wednesday Babylon 5!! Stay after the meetings in Higgins 218 to watch choice episodes. It will be good times, and no, Mike Miranda, no Sailor Moon.

Even though he has killed Josh Luther, our poor Vice President, and hopped dimensions, we will still hold Thursday Kill Bob Saget. This week, we need to take him down with square dancing. That's right. Square dancing.

Surreal movies will likely be run by Ben again this year. Also Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Days and times and places to follow.

On September 12, the Society for Creative Achronism will be holding a wonderful event on Renaissance Italy. Rhombicuboctahedrons, DaVinci, food, dancing, and Commedia Dell'Arte will ensue. For information, contact ethereal@alum.BOB.

Adam Nakama, a lovely little alum, would love for you to join a writer's group in which you write and critique stories. If you are interested in committing to the group, email a.r.nakama@STEVE.

On the subject of writing, The WPI Writers' Group would love your submissions for SciFi stories to their magazine. Email wpi.txt@BOB with submissions.

Because of fangorious devouring, we are missing our Vice President and Treasurer. We will be holding elections next week for replacements, which will last until general elections in C-term. If you would like in depth information on the job of the Veep and/or Treasurer and/or want to submit your name as a canidate and/or nominate someone else (you need their approval), email sfs@BOB.

Nakama has returned to the minutes. Haz Harrower, a lovely lady, will be running a Live Action Role Playing game at Brandeis University, which is our friendly college out in Waltham. It is called Martha Stewart's Guide to Summoning Demons and Basting a Turkey. Email him or hazharrower@STEVE.

Additionally, he is gauging interest for Midsummer Night and the Living is Easy, a LARP running on Friday night. He will be plugging it again next week.

FINALLY YES! There is a new website, thanks to me. Hold your applause. OK don't. Clapping done? Nice. The new URL is for now. If you have suggestions or would like to help with the site, email sfs@BOB. Additionally, we will be having a front page contest. If you love the SFS and fame and free things, submit a front page that has words, pictures, videos, anything you would like. The best one will be our official home page. Additionally, the designer will get fre membership for the 2009-2010 school year.

Marcus loves Airsoft, in an unhealthy fashion. For those who don't know, Airsoft is like paintball but with tiny plastic pellets. He is gathering an arsenal of Airsoft pistols and will be running events every few weeks. He's also going to try the Anime Club again *snicker*. If you're interested in either, email MarcusM@BOB.

Gaming Weekend!!!! Yes, you read that correctly. This year, over Labor Day weekend, the SFS will be holding it's A-term Gaming Weekend. This wonderful culmination of board games, Swedish Fish, books, LARPs, Swedish Fish, video games, free food, Swedish Fish, and merchandise. Also, Swedish Fish. It will be held for 48 straight hours in the Campus Center and will involve every game and book that we have in our extensive library. It's kind of a big deal. It's also free.

GAC, the illustrious organization full of volunteers who tirelessly and courageo-ok they're our minions. GAC members serve to help out the officers during Gaming Weekend by taking shifts and helping run the daily minutiae of Gaming Weekend. If you volunteer to help out for this Gaming Weekend, you will get free membership this year. In order to sign up, email sfs@BOB.

Everyone say hi to Corey. He's a freshman from California. He had a game group there and misses it very much. He would love to run a D&D or White Wolf game. If you would like to ask about these games or join them, contact this lovely man at cjlauer@BOB.

Marcus wants to run some space empire online games like Sins of a Solar Empire and Sword of the Stars. SotS is available on Steam for $30. If you want to join in on the fun or have questions, email MarcusM@BOB.

This was a sickeningly long meeting. Yay.

Finally, we will end with some important notes. If you want to be added to the sfs-discuss list, where there are longer in-depth discussions about stuff, email sfs@BOB. If you want to be removed from this email list, email sfs@BOB. If you want to send an announcement, email sfs@BOB. If you have questions or comments, email, yes, you guessed it, sfs@BOB. Also, remember the difference between Reply and Reply to All. Spam is not fun, or delicious.

My fingers hurt. I'm going to watch some B5.

Love and hugs, my darling podlings,

Rhiannon "It's good to be back" Chiacchiaro

April 29, 2009Edit

4/29: It's the end of the year as we know it, and I feel fine.

It's the final meeting! The pre-meeting included a music video from the famous DJ Samwise Gamgee doing his Potato Rap. It was good times. Onto the last minutes!

The gaming will continue this week for those Friday finals stresses. Additionally, Marcus will run his end of the year final Andromeda, though he will not have Monday Heroes since the season is over.

Sunday Magic is special this week. There is a release event at That's Entertainment this Sunday that Will will be attending, with hopes to drag his magic-lings along.

Wednesday Anime tonight is Yu-Yu-Hakusho. Donuts are available. Hooray.

BOB SAGET HAS DISAPPEARED!! GASP! So, for this summer, we must hunt him down, Carmen Sandiego style! I expect his head on a plate at the beginning of next year.

The last surreal movies of this year will be a David Lynch-a-palooza with Mulholland Drive and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Big Bang Theory may occur this week, if I get home from being off-campus early enough. I'll let you know Sunday.

On a serious note, Josh has had to resign as Vice President because of academic conflicts. As such, there will be an election held during the second meeting next year. Email sfs@BOB if you would like to run.

Marcus, in his infinite budget, would like to do some stuff with Airsoft guns next year. Email him at MarcusM@BOB if you want to take part in these shenanigans.

There were 11 lovely punts this Term. Here, here!

Also, as a happy teaser, Gaming Weekend will be on Labor Day weekend in A-term! That means a day of rest and relaxation after the weekend ends. I sense a Swedish Fish OD coming on.

Jansen will be here over the summer and thus running a Technocracy game. That's right, the villains from the World of Darkness series. I'm scared too. Email him to get in.

It's time for donuts. Mmmmm, donuts.

-Rhiannon "I love vacation" Chiacchiaro

March 25, 2009Edit

3/25/09: I love Munchkins!

There were Dunkin' Munchkins, you missed them. I did not. Anyway, onto your minutes.

Friday Gaming, Sunday Magic, and Monday Heroes are returning...with a vengeance!

Wednesday Anime is Darker than Black. I wonder how people can actually see it...

Tuesday Andromeda is still at 8 PM(for the most part), but the places have changed. Please refer to the following chart for your Andromeda watching pleasure.

  3/31: Chairman's
  4/7: Mid-century
  4/14: Mid-century
  4/21: Morgan (9 PM)
  4/28: Mid-century

Bob Saget will be killed a la Looney Toons. Push him off a cliff and when he notices he's been pushed off, he will fall to his doom.

Ben's first Saturday surreal movie day will contain Primer, a movie about time travel, and Paprika, an anime with pretty things.

Big Bang Theory is at 8 PM again on Sunday in Chairman's. It will most likely be that time from now on.

Jansen needs one more player to play his dark doomy Descent game. Time, day, and room TBD. Email janzen@BOB.

In Hagglund at 8 PM, Francesco will be showing Spaceballs, the happy hoppy Mel Brooks star-faring adventuuuure!

The Nerf guns are here!! Nerf Wars will be happening on April 22, on the Quad. Stop by anytime from 12-4 and borrow, buy, or bring a gun for hours of darty enjoyment. Huzzah!

Foam Brain wants to run a weekend-long LARP in A-term next year. If you have any suggestions for games or any questions/comments, email rhichi@BOB.

Wow, those were long for the week after Gaming Weekend. Wootles.

-Rhiannon "Did I mention I love munchkins?" Chiacchiaro

March 4, 2009Edit


Due to the hideous thing that is Spring Break (cuz we all would rather keep taking finals), many things aren't running next week. Such things are Sunday Magic, Monday Heroes, Tuesday Andromeda, Friday Battlestar Galactica, Saturday Code Geass (which won't be running ever again anyway because Ben will be showing strange surreal movies), or Sunday Big Bang Theory.

Friday Gaming (and Thursday if you really want) will still occur. We will also be killing Bob Saget a la nuclear fallout.

Wednesday Anime is not happening next week, but this week's is FLCL. I wanted Sailor Moon. Sad

Kevin (aka robotek@BOB) is doing that thing he do by making a tabletop RP, steampunk genre, that involves a very heavy emotion and relationship mechanic. Don't get the wrong idea though, a relationship can be between someone who likes hurting people and his victims, or even causing yourself joy by causing yourself anguish.

The 501st Legion, which is a huge group of Star Wars fans with awesome outfits will be at the Higgins Armory museum on April 25th. There will be panels at 11 AM and 1 PM and a showing of Clone Wars at 2 PM. Email Celina, raonfire@CHUCK (which is now how we say Yahoo), if you have questions.

And now, a sickeningly large amount of Gaming Weekend items. -Finish writing your games over the break and send sfs@BOB an email saying with your plugs and what time/space you will need. -Mont St. Michele is most likely cancelled unless a bunch of people sign up by Saturday. -Chris "Marcus" is running Mafia over the weekend. Email cfmaddox@BOB if interested. -Kevin is writing a LARP for all of Gaming Weekend about a bunch of people going to Gaming Weekend. -"Martha Stewart's Guide to Summoning Demons and Basting a Turkey" sounds like an awesome cookbook, but is also a LARP run by Haz Harrower. It involves pacts between demons and the humans that suit them best. -Paranoia might not be running...but it might be... -Foam Brain will be running Time Travel Review Board for a LARP and some GIANT BOARD GAMES!! Yay human-sized Carcassone! -We need GAC members! They are volunteers who will sit a 4-hour shift at Gaming Weekend and help run things. In exchange they will get a free T-shirt yay! Email MarcusM@BOB to sign up. -We has a T-shirt! It's full of manly combination! That's right, Option 5 (Piercing the Heavens) will be our official 2009 SFS shirt. Marcus is skipping like a girl for joy.

We had a disappointing amount of punts this year, only 6 (though it's 10 if you count how Casanelli punted your mom last night).

Oh well, there's always next term.

I'm off to Ireland, tah!

-Rhiannon "in the name of the Moon" Chiacchiaro

February 25, 2009Edit

2/25: Everyone can see this because I'm typing on the projector!

Insert witty introduction here.

Friday Gaming, Monday Heroes, Tuesday Andromeda, Friday BattleStar Galactica, and Saturday Code Geass are here, waiting...

Sunday Magic is now officially Will's evil brainchild...cardchild...I don't know. It's still at the same time/place though.

Wednesday Anime is Ouran Host Club. So pretty!

Sunday Big Bang Theory is again at 8 PM this week, again still in the Chairman's room.

This Thursday we are devulcanizing Bob Saget, though he may rise up more powerful than ever before. It's a risk we're willing to take.

If you are writing games for Gaming Weekend, you should get your bums in gear. For reals.

If you filled out a Mont St. Michele questionnaire the first time and haven't emailed them regarding whether or not you can make it for the Gaming Weekend run, or if you want to sign up, email by March 7.

We will begin to stockpile the Nerf guns this year with the hopes that one day we will have a fearsome armory. Additionally, we will once again be selling Nerf guns (Mavericks, $5 loaded) and ammo (for $1 a pack)

Nerf Wars is going to be Earth Day this year, during Quadfest. That will be Wednesday April 22 on the quad or, if it rains, the Odeum.

Actual Anime Club progress!! John Andrews is skipping about with the signature sheet to get it started up. Woooo!

Robert Grady has his anti-grade change petition now, so seek him out if you want to sign it.

Francesco has gone to plaid. That is all. Oh, by the way, he also wants to show Spaceballs some time in D-term.

Gaming Weekend plugs have begun! We have some! And by some I mean one.

All of the plugs can be found on the SFS Wiki and eventually the website.

T-shirt voting has begun. The designs and voting instructions will be sent out in the next few days and voting will go until next Wednesday.

That's all for now my little meat pies!

-Rhiannon "No white T-shirts!" Chiacchiaro

February 18, 2009Edit

2/18: Yay Sweetarts!

That's right, there were Sweetarts this week. And you missed them. Unless you didn't. Anyway...

Friday Gaming, Sunday Magic, Monday Heroes, Friday BattleStar Galactica still exist. Remember!

Wednesday Anime is Noein.

Sunday Big Bang Theory is at 8 PM this week, still in the Chairman's room.

Red Dwarf is over so now Tuesday is Andromeda, same time, same place.

This Thursday we are giving Bob Saget the Gom Jabbar. Since we have all day to it, it will be most painful.

Saturday Death Note is now Saturday Code Geass. Again same time, same place.

If you are writing games for Gaming Weekend, start writing them now.

Mont St. Michele has less people than it did before. If you filled out a questionnaire the first time and haven't emailed them regarding whether or not you can make it for the Gaming Weekend run, email by March 7.

A beginner's night for learning the game Go is happening Friday at 7 PM upstairs in the Campus Center. Stop by during Friday Gaming!

If you are opposed to the proposed grade changes, Robert Grady will be bringing a petition next week to the meeting. Make sure to sign it.

The Towers is running something called Fireside towards the end of the term. It's a collection of art and stories and if you have something to submit, send it to towers@BOB.

If you need off-campus housing, email sfs@BOB to get on the sfs-apt list, where you can ask questions, make housing requests, etc. The list was reset so if you were on the list last year and want to be on again, you still have to email the officers to get on.

PLEASE SUBMIT T-SHIRT DESIGNS!!! Submissions are open until the beginning of next meeting. If you want to nominate an old design (that hasn't already been on a shirt) you can look at the old designs on the SFS website. Send all submissions to sfs@BOB.

Chris wants to run a game of mafia during Gaming Weekend. If you want to help organize this, email cmaddox@BOB.

I'm going to eat the rest of those Sweetarts now.

-Rhiannon "I don't have to worry about housing" Chiacchiaro

February 11, 2009Edit

2/11/09: Jansen says : "I'm going to wash my hands; I'll be right back." So I guess I'll write minutes.

Joshua thought he had authority...he thought he could take MY place! NEVER!!!! That's why he was missing at today's meeting. Nobody usurps the Usurper...NOBODY!


Friday Gaming, Sunday Magic, Monday Heroes, and Friday Battlestar Galactica are still running normally. Or as normally as possible. Wednesday Anime is not anime. It is instead Wizard People, Dear Reader. YAY! Sunday Big Bang Theory is in full swing in Chairman's 2-4 PM. Last week of Tuesday Red Dwarf is this week. Thursday Kill Bob Saget method is mines this week, once we find out where he's hiding. Update: He lives somewhere in New York City, not a half hour from my house. I'll see you all next week. Saturday Death Note is now Saturday Code Geass at 6 PM in Chairman's room.

Alessandra the froshy is trying to put together a themed house for next year. The main theme is storytelling with undertones of scifi, gaming, and a bit of IMGD. She has eight people together, and with eight more people they can all but secure the whole house. Email aanderson@BOB to get in on it.

T-shirt submissions are open! Designs for D-term Gaming Weekend t-shirts are open for the next two weeks. No more than three colors, no white shirts. Email sfs@BOB with designs by the end of the meeting two weeks from now.

For people who entered the housing lottery, there will be a meeting for on-campus housing for the SFS. IF you aren't in the lottery or going off-campus next year, email sfs@BOB and ask to be added to the sfs-apt mailing list.

It's time to start thinking about games for Gaming Weekend! More and more announcements will follow in the coming weeks.

Mont St. Michele is still running Sunday of Gaming Weekend (March 22) from 2-8 PM in Alden. Sign up at:

We can haz Google calendar! Take the following link, go to your Google Calendar account (which is the same as your gmail, google docs, etc. account), and add it to your calendars to add it to your calendars so you will always know.

Our former liege lord Rick Desilets was in a small independent film, Something Remote. There will be a viewing of it on Friday at 8 PM at Clark.

Will is NOT Marcus...the heck?! Instead, he is Will "Conan the Librarian" Chapman. I'm confused. Even more confusing is Marcus. Who is and is not Marcus. He is Marcus "Spreader of Woah!" Menghini!

Look in the news for Bob Saget's demise, Rhiannon "Back in my rightful place" Chiacchiaro

February 4, 2009Edit

2/4/09: It's the New Minutes, Same as the Old Minutes

Greetings to all you sports fans out there in Sci-Fi land! It is I, your Vice-President, reprising my classic portrayal of SFS Secretary once again! Though I was not prepared with my trusty notebook to take down the happenings of today's meeting I still aim to enlighten you to our weekly events.

- Friday Gaming! - Friday Battlestar Galactica! - Saturday Death Note! - Saturday Magic! (Conflux Release Event. Meet in Founder's Lobby at 10:30am) (Possible Sunday Magic as well) - Monday Heroes! - Tuesday Red Dwarf! - Wednesday Anime! (It was AMV's. They were awesome. Those of you who missed it ought to be shot.) - Thursday Kill Bob Saget! (By throwing him off of a very tall building. Or possibly throwing John Stamos on him and then throwing both of them off a very tall building.)

- Mont Saint Michel will be happening Gaming Weekend! That is the weekend of March 20 - 22nd. Those of you who signed up already just need to send them an e-mail to let them know you are still interested. It's a great LARP for people new to LARPing.

- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! For those of you not at the meeting, you totally missed out on my explanation on the insanely awesomeness that is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It is far too awesome for me too explain here so if you are interested, find someone who saw my presentation to find out about it. Those interested can download the first five parts of the manga here: Parts six and seven can be found somewhere on the interwebs but this site is a nice way to easily download most of the series.

- We have new nicknames for our Treasurer and Secretary. They shall now be known as Chris "Marcus" Maddox and Rhiannon "Marcus" Chiachiaro.

Next week you shall be returned to your regularily scheduled secretary. Until then, adieu!

- Joshua "I'm Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today" Luther

January 28, 2009Edit

1/28/09: I slept 4 hours in 48 hours. That's still a lot of minutes. Here's some more.

What a lovely day it is today. The ice is raining, the children are slipping, and Jansen had to start his first meeting off with a ridiculously long acronym.

Friday Gaming, Tuesday Red Dwarf, Saturday Deathnote, and Thursday Kill Bob Saget (poison this week) are all in full swing. Continue to flock mindlessly to these lovely events.

Sunday Magic is now Saturday Magic. Carpool drivers are needed for a tournament in Boston Saturday. if you have no car, "you can show up to the Founder's lobby at 10 AM and pray." Email shl@BOB if you can give a ride.

Wednesday Anime tonight is Code Geass in HL 218

The Big Bang Theory will be happening on Sundays. time and place not yet determined.

Heroes is returning this Monday at 9 PM! Because Olin is no longer available, the room is pending.

Also starting up again is Battlestar Galactica. It will be on Fridays from 10-11 PM and room will be announced when Chuck Kornik gets back to us.

Sam wants your prerelease card packs! Go to the Magic prerelease and sell your packs to him (UNOPENED!) for $3!

Robert's Star Wars parody will be running this Sunday from 2-4 PM in the Chairman Room.

Rick will also be showing something at 2 PM this Sunday. It will be a TUB of Heroes: Villains somewhere that he will decide later.

Reminder that Mont St. Michele will be running during Gaming Weekend. Sign up at:

Josh will once again be taking over Wednesday Anime next week for AMVs!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Nicknaming today was very, very disturbing. We have new names for our President and Vice President. Make sure to say hello in the halls to Jansen "Marcus " Smith and Joshua "Marcus" Luther. Yes. I'm serious.

All in all an interesting first meeting for our new cabinet. Until next time, kiddies!

-Rhiannon "Not yet Marcus" Chiacchiaro

January 21, 2009Edit

1/21/09: *Dark, evil laughter fills your inbox* is mine...IT IS MINE!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • cough cough sputter*

Oh, ummm, sorry...

What do you mean dark, evil laughter was filling your inbox? I don't know what you're talking about (more on that later).

Anyways, on to the news!

As a reminder, all meetings are being held in HL 218 until further notice. Also, I promised to send out this link in the minutes, so here, if you were unaware, is our WPI Wikia page, which I will be updating frequently with important information and the weekly meeting minutes for people not on the mailing list.

Friday Gaming, Sunday Magic, and Tuesday Red Dwarf are happening as per usual in their respective locales.

Wednesday Anime this week is Hellsing in HL 218.

Saturday Death Note will be starting up at 6 PM this week. Room assignment to follow.

Sam is very displeased. You have all failed to kill Bob Saget! How dare you. He is granting leniency, however, and giving you another chance to do so this Thursday. Don't disappoint him this time. Or YOU may be next.

Laser Tag will be occurring sometime in the near future, whenever Lazer Zone stops being so gosh darn busy. Updates will continue.

I want to run a TUB of Big Bang Theory, probably on a Sunday afternoon. After time and place arrangements are made there will be another announcement.

The Mont Saint Michele LARP will now be run during D-Term Gaming Weekend, as well a LARP and large board games from Foam Brain Productions. Again, more info to follow.

Robert Grady will be showing The Emperor's New Clones, a Star Wars spoof, on Sunday, February 1 from approximately 3-4:30 PM in a TBD room.

And now, what you've all been waiting for.....*drumroll*


President-Jansen Smith Vice President-Joshua Luther Treasurer-Christopher Maddox Secretary-Rhiannon Chiacchiaro (Remember the dark, evil laughter? Yeah...)

Appointed positions will be decided in the coming week. If you want to be considered for a position, email me (rhichi@STEVE) and say if you want to be considered for the Librarian, Events Coordinator, and/or the pending Webmaster position.

Well...that's about it. I'm going to continue sugar rushing myself on celebratory ice cream.

-Rhiannon "I need a new nickname now" Chiacchiaro

October 1, 2008Edit

Whoa boy... I'm still recovering from Gaming Weekend. I think I've been like, half in a coma for the past few days. But despite that, we had a meeting. Here are the minutes.

- Friday Gaming! This time without Saturday and Sunday Gaming! There might even be a treat of leftover soda and swedish fish.

- Wednesday Anime was Gurren Laggan. Drills were had, heavens were pierced.

- Monday Heroes will be happening again! Will Data ever understand human emotion? Will Scott Bakula's next leap be the leap home? Am I even talking about Heroes anymore?

- Sam is currently in the process of finding a release event for the Shards of Alara Magic Expansion. He will be spamming the list when he finds one and will try to provide transport.

- John Jacobs will be running his I, Robot reading during B-term.

- A Red Dwarf TUB is in the works. Stay Tuned.

- Sam is organizing an Invader Zim TUB. Those interested should e-mail shl@BOB<mailto:shl@BOB<mailto:shl@BOB>>.

- Rhiannon will be running the SFS Coffee House in B-term. Those who have ideas should e-mail her at rhichi@BOB<mailto:rhichi@BOB<mailto:rhichi@BOB>>. Be creative.

- Costume! Dance! Party! will be coming for this Halloween. Show up for a good time for only $1.

That's all. Now it's time for that Gaming Weekend crash.

Joshua "Oh God I think I'm Dying" Luther

September 9, 2008Edit

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! We're so glad you could attend! Come inside, come inside!

Hallo all. For those who don't know me I am your SFS Secretary coming at you semi-live through the magic of the interwebz. After each meeting it is customary for the Secretary to send out minutes of the meeting (often with an added touch of humor or a witty theme) in order to remind everyone of what happened and what upcoming events were introduced. You may disregard the opening lines to these minutes as I simply like to make music references alot (see if you can catch them when I make them).

And now........the minutes!

- For those of you who don't know, meetings officially start in Olin 107 at the exact minute of 7:12. This tradition arose from a series of coincidences including a consistently late officer from long long ago.

- Vice-President Hyde provided everyone with a nice little orientation to show how the SFS works, what we're all about, and the roles that the various officers play. Just to help clarify, let me make a few statements on the nature of the officer positions...

The President : A mere figure-head used to draw attention away from where the real power lies. The Vice-President : Just another body standing between me and the Presidency The Treasurer : Just a third body standing between me and the Presidency except this corpse has monies. The Secretary : Where the real power lies and obviously the coolest position of them all The Librarians : Minions who go out to effect the other officers' wills. The Events Coordinator : Does, in fact, bite.

- Friday Gaming is gaming that happens every Friday! Hence, Friday Gaming! Every Friday in the Octowedge in the Campus Center starting from around ~6pm-ish until everyone gets chased out, the officers take a portion of our large library out of board games for us to play with. Always a fun time.

- This Saturday there will be some sort of Magic Tournament going on with prizes amounting to $5000. If you are interested, e-mail SHL@BOB<mailto:SHL@BOB>.

- This Sunday and usually every Sunday hereafter, there will be Sunday Magic the Gathering happening in Founder's Lounge. For a cheap $9 you can participate in a Booster Draft with the backdrafted rares as prizes. It's also a good time.

- Nyren is once again gathering the greatest minds of the SFS (and some other, not so great minds) for the MIT Puzzlehunt this upcoming Janurary 16, 2009. Nyren's plans to warm up the group on puzzles for previous years so if you wanna join, e-mail nyrens@STEVE<mailto:nyrens@STEVE> and get crackin'!

- Johnathan Jacobs is starting a reading group for Asimov's I, Robot. Hunt him down and talk to him in person if you are interested.

- Foambrain will be running their LARP "Secrets of the Necronomicon" October 3 -5 in Salisbury. If you are interested, e-mail rhichi@BOB<mailto:rhichi@BOB> or rhichi@STEVE<mailto:rhichi@STEVE>.

- If you want to be an official member of the club it only costs 5 rapidly devaluing American dollars to buy yourself a membership card! These cards help to supplement for various events the club does so buy one to support the club. They also are what give you the right to vote in SFS elections. Alumni can be members but only undergrads are allowed to vote. The Alumni must manipulate events from the shadows.

- Jansen, our Events Coordinator, is interested in running a Heroquest Campaign. For those who don't know, Heroquest is a D&D style board game. Jansen needs 3 more people so if you are interested, e-mail janzen@BOB<mailto:janzen@BOB>.

- Heroes Season 3 will be starting soon and we have Olin 107 reserved for your viewing pleasure. It will be starting on September 22nd and running from 9 - 10 on every Monday after (though the 22nd is a 3 hour premiere). In preparation for this, there will be a Heroes Season Two TUB in Olin 107 at 7pm on the 12th and the 19th.

- Hey, did you know that Yu-Gi-Oh! happens during Friday Gaming? Email gardinerd@BOB<mailto:gardinerd@BOB> is you are interested and if you want to join the Yu-Gi-Oh! mailing list.

- Former President Jon Adler is going to be running a spoof dubbing of Harry Potter on Sunday at 9pm. Those who will be attending will meet in the Campus Center and then proceed to 26 Lancaster Street Apt. 2 + 3. For information, e-mail jonadler@BOB<mailto:jonadler@BOB> or themeanvaluetheorem@STEVE<mailto:themeanvaluetheorem@STEVE>.

- Sam will be running a Nobilis Campaign soon! Play as Gods! Sam needs 6 and only 6 people so e-mail shl@BOB<mailto:shl@BOB> with your character concept and the best 6 will be chosen to play. Place and time to be chosen later.

- Gaming Weekend will be happening on the weekend of the 26th - 28th. More info will be available as we approach the fated three days.

- The game of SLOOOOOOOOOW Tag is now, once again, afoot! Beware!

- Some people are going to try and create an anime club again. Yay! E-mail jfandrews@BOB<mailto:jfandrews@BOB> if you are interested in helping out with the constitution.

- The GDC will be running a giant LAN event at the DCU center. The GDC will be giving away vouchers for $20 admission (normally $60). There will beCS2, Halo, Call of Duty 4 and more with a special GDC section. If you are interested, email svan16@BOB<mailto:svan16@BOB>.

- Beth is going to Arisia (A sci-fi con) on MLK weekend and is inviting everyone to sign up. She is also interested in running a D&D game using Pathfiner (D&D 3.75). If you are interested, e-mail egould@BOB<mailto:egould@BOB>.

- The SFS has it's own mailing list for Anime related activities called sfs-anime@BOB<mailto:sfs-anime@BOB>. E-mail sfs@BOB<mailto:sfs@BOB> if you wish to be signed up.

- Elanthia is a winter masquerade ball LARP in November. 20 - 37 people will be necessary for this adventure. Contact info and more will be sent out shortly.

- Finally, e-mail orphrey@STEVE<mailto:orphrey@STEVE> or omg.geekgirl@STEVE<mailto:omg.geekgirl@STEVE> for information about an upcoming steampunk LARP.

NOTE: For those of you who weren't at the meeting or have forgotten, BOB is our clever alias for and STEVE is for

Alas, my dearest compatriots, though it pains me so to be missing you on these cold Wednesday nights, I'm afraid I shan't be seeing much of you this term as my PQP class was cruelly scheduled as the same time as meetings. And next term they will be shipping me off to the treacherous shores of Venice, Italia! Never fear, brave souls, as I will continue my job of writing the minutes as well as my other officerly duties as best as I can. I will be talking to you again next week.


- Joshua "I am not an evil sentient program" Luther

PS. Most Meetings will not be as long as this first one and thus most minutes won't be as long either.

PSS. Remember, if you want to unsubscribe from any of the SFS mailing lists just send an e-mail to<> and I will have you off of that list quicker than you can say "UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!11111"

April 9, 2008Edit

Due to New Voices consuming all the other officers this week's magic heavy minutes are brought to you by "The Magic School Bus".

- Friday there will be gaming. You probably know this by now. Bug the officer on staff about refreshments left over from gaming weekend.

- Also Friday I will be headed down to Rising Phoenix Games to play Magic. Anyone interested in joining me for a $12 draft with real prize support and all sorts or door prizes to support RPG should e-mail me at I will leave from the campus center at 6:00.

- Also, also on Friday there will be Battle Star. Same Battle Star time, same Battle Star place.

- Also, also, also on Friday Doug will be hosing a tag team Yu-Gi-Oh tournament during Friday gaming. Contact him at for additional details.

- Horary for Fridays.

- Sunday there will be Magic. It will once again be at 1:00 and cost $9.00 for a draft with a back draft. Also Sunday Magic still has sealed product to give to the winners, so be sure to show up.

- Tuesday all my classes are canceled for MQP presentations. What ever will I do with my time? I know how a 1:00 Magic daft for $9.00 with… you know just read the above item again replacing "Sunday" with "Tuesday".

- We are still waiting to hear back from you about what you thought about Gaming Weekend. Please e-mail the officers at with you comments, questions, and suggestions. (Requests for more Swedish Fish may be dismissed as ridiculous.)

- New Voices is happening this week. There will be 12 plays, every night, FREE! Thursday 7pm, Friday 5pm & 8pm, Saturday 7pm. Come see the majority of the officers in shows such as The PUNisher (directed by Pavis, asst. directed by Our Beloved President and Mike, acted in by Josh) and 11 other ridiculous awesome shows. Then maybe they will come back to meetings. Maybe.

- Coming this Quadfest: NERF on the Quad! Come and shoot your friends with foam darts. Bring your own (NERF) weapons or let us supply you with Mavericks. More details to come.

- Deke is interested in making a war gaming that uses a world map for its board and some sort of role playing component for combats. If you are also interested in this or have any suggestions for him e-mail him at

- Uncle Don wants SFS people to rent his living space. It is a 3 bedroom apartment on Dover Street with a living room that could be converted into a fourth. Internet and security will be included and a washer and dryer are available for use. If you are 3-4 people looking for an apartment or know people who are looking for an apartment e-mail Don Ross or call him at 774-261-0110.

- There will be a prerelease for the new Magic: the Gathering set, Shadowmoor, next weekend the 19th. If you have interest in attending this event (see for details) and would like to be part of some sort of carpool structure e-mail me at If you have a car you can provide for people all the better.

Until next week enjoy the minutes.

- Sam "Magic School Bus" LaFleche

April 2, 2008Edit

This meeting was very empty. For shame. But there were like 4 other events going on. We didn't have many items. Which is nice because I am tired.

- Gaming Weekend happened. We thought it went well. Do you? Talk to any of us if you have feedback or suggestions or email us at<>. We might just ask you all again at the next meeting where we might get a bigger turnout.

- Friday Gaming will be happening. It will not be a weekend long. Thank goodness.

- Sam is planning to drive down to Rising Phoenix for their $12 draft on Friday. Get in touch with him if you are interested in riding down.

- Sunday Magic will be returning back to its regularly scheduled time. Hooray.

- GAC people are awesome. We wanted to thank you at the meeting but most of you weren't there. That's okay. When we sat down to eat and do our post-GW officer pow-wow we realized that we each had stories about how almsot all of you went above and beyond what was needed. We're planning to do something to thank you. We don't know what it is yet though. Stay tuned.

- BSG is coming back! Head to Olin 107 for the season premiere as well as the last two episodes of the previous season.

- Nerf Wars will be happening at Quadfest! We even got these cool guys coming down to help host special nerf duels. Be sure to bring your dueling gloves.

I'ma go to sleep now. Night-Night. - Joshua "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" Luther

March 26, 2008Edit

At last! The time is almost upon us. This weekend, beginning on the eighteenth hour of the twenty-eighth day of the third month of the two-thousand and eigth year, the planets will finally be in proper alignment to usher in... GAMING WEEKEND

But first, the minutes...

- What? No Friday Night Gaming? But how could that be- oh right. Gaming Weekend.

- No Sunday Magic? But- Right, right, Gaming Weekend again. Sorry.

- Then I assume Wednesday Anime was- no? Wednesday Anime happened? Cool.

- Rhiannon still has people coming down from New York for Gaming Weekend. Rhiannon still needs crash space for them. If you might be able to provide any, contact her or e-mail her at<> or<>

- Do you care about the future? I know I don't. It's so far away that I never have to worry about the consequences of any of my actions. Apparently some people care. One of the current things going on campus right now is the new residence hall is going to have people getting together to create a green roof. Thos einterested in helping out or coordinating should contact<>. Pff! The future. Apparently some people haven't listened to the song that red-haired orphan sings about tomorrow always being a day away.

- Would you kindly return all books checked out from the library back to it in a timely and convenient fashion? Also, watch out for splicers.

- Krissy likes Anime Conventions if you haven't already figured that out. She currently plans to go to conventions in Canada, England, Australia (I think she mentioned that), and possibly central Texas as well as Otakon and Connecticon. If you are attending those or are interested in going as well, contact her or e-mail her at<>.

- There's a new alias on the mailing list for people interested in going to, running, or helping run anime in the club called<>. Currently only five people are on it so e-mail the officers at<> to be added.

- Broken Wall Films will be breaking walls and shouting out, " OH YEAH!" while handing out kool-aid (WARNING: They may not actually be doing any of those things) at their show at 2pm on Saturday. Check the poster in the CC for the location because apparently I don't have it anywhere and it is not on their website.

- Monday, March 31st at 7:30pm in the Odeum... THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......To debate. That's right, Guerilla Improv will be battling it out semantically with the Cambridge Union Debate Team at the Cambridge Union Debates. Go there for comedy, debating, and tea. (NOTE: No actual tea will be served.)

- This Friday from 6 - 11pm in Higgins House SMASS will be doing their Bardic Circle. CHeck it out if you are not busy with Gaming Weekend.

GAMING WEEKEND NEWS Brace for impact as this will be final infodump before the event.

- Join GAC! It's the right thing to do. You get to hang out with the officers. That's cool because we're cool and stuff.

- Snacks are being bought for gaming weekend as we speak. If you have any special suggestions or cravings, contact or e-mail the officers at<>.

- Foambrain had some problems with Another Batman Game so now they will be running Unconventional Odyssey in it's place. Time and place are the same and so far all we know is that this LARP will be unconventional and contain some sort of odyssey.

- PAT's time changed. Check the schedule below for time and place.

- Doug has confirmed the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament will commence. There are 16 slots availableso you better act quickly.

- Steve brought back up the GDC's extreme Saturday Night Gaming for Gaming Weekend. However, everyone knew about that already but here it is again.

- Eye of Argon lives! Sunday at 2am, be prepared for adventure!

- It also appears that Rising Phoenix might hold an Unhinged Magic: The Gathering draft at Gaming Weekend. Check the schedule below for time and location.

- I forgot to bring this up at the meeting but if anyone is interested in playing some games of Magic with decks that do all sorts of wacky shenanigans I will have my cards with me and be available for games during the hours that I will be on duty.

- Here is the current schedule of officer shifts for Gaming Weekend:

Friday 6pm - 10pm : Rick D. 10pm - 2am : Josh L.

Saturday 2am - 6am : Mike H. 6am - 10am : Krissy D. 10am - 2pm : Sam L. 2pm - 6pm : Josh L. 6pm - 10pm : Rhiannon C. 10pm - 2am : Rick D.

Sunday 2am - 6am : Krissy D. 6am - 10am : Rhiannon C. 10am - 2pm : Sam L. 2pm - 6pm : Mike H

 - And finally, here is the current Gaming Weekend Schedule:

Friday Night 7pm - 12am; Two-Headed Giant Magic Tournament; Mid-Century Room 9pm - 1am; Fire on High LARP; Odeum C 10pm - 11pm; Battlestar Galactica; Peterson Room 1am - 3am; Pat; Mid-Century Room

Saturday Afternoon 1pm - 3pm; Unconventional Odyssey LARP; Odeum C 2pm - 7pm; Unhinged Magic Draft; Mid-Century Room 2pm - 6pm; Cold City; Peterson Room

Saturday Night 6pm - 12am; GDC GameNight Extreme; Odeum C 6pm - 10pm; 1000 Blank White Cards; Odeum B 6pm - 11pm; Heroes LARP; Chairman's Room 6pm - 12am; Zombie: The Eatening LARP; Taylor Room 7pm - 12am; Super Mafia Bros.; Mid-Century Room 10pm - 12am; Shadowrun Oneshot; Odeum B 11pm - 2am; Are you sure this is the way to Fish-Skull-Dragon?; Peterson Room 11pm - 1am; 10 Bad LARPs in 100 Minutes; Chairman's Room 2pm - ???; Eye of Argon; CC 3rd Floor

Sunday Afternoon 12pm - 5pm; World of Darkness: Arcanum; Peterson Room 1pm - 6pm; Du-Gi-Oh!'s Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament; Mid-Century Room 1pm - 6pm; Charlie Company; Odeum B

There are many other events that will be happening spontaneously or in conjunction with regular gaming. Be sure to regularly check the schedule pads that will be up for additions/changes.

And with that, I bid you all adieu! The next time we meet shall be over the battlefield of pencils and dice.

- Joshua "I swear to god D-term is trying to kill me" Luther

February 27, 2008Edit

Of the term... (But the song Final Countdown is now playing in my head.) I WILL NOW PROCEED WITH MINUTES.

- Vice-President and Friend Computer Hyde sent another missive for this meeting "lamenting" the loss of our dear president. I swear to god, if he doesn't bring those chinese prostitutes back with him I will assassinate him just on principle.

- I'd just like to take a moment of silence as that will be the last chinese prostitute joke I will be able to make (OR WILL IT?!?!?!)

- El Presidente was also gone for this meeting. He also sent a message from what I can only assume is an disheveled shack somewhere in China. Everything is going according to keikaku.

- Technically, the term ends on Friday so we will, in fact, have gaming in the CC. Celebrate the end of the term like our ancestors did; with board games!

- Sam will be gone over break so he is doing Magic RIGHT NOW! WHAT ARE YOU READING THIS FOR YOU MIGHT HAVE ALREADY MISSED IT?!?!?!?

- The t-shirt contest has ended and a winrar has been declared. The winner is, of course, #3, the one prominently featuring a picture of Cthulhu our lord and old god.

- Rhiannon has succeeded in her mission to bring literacy to the masses! The SFS will be holding a Coffee House Saturday March 15th, 4 - 9pm in Riley Commons. There will be books, drinks and free Daka cookies.

- Anime Boston is still happening and the event is now so close to us that it looms ominously over the horizon much lie something that would loom ominously over horizons. Krissy will be sending out e-mails over break concerning hotel arrangements. You better reply. If you get one and you have changed your mind you still better reply.

- The Gordon Library shall be erecting a display case as a testement to our everlasting glory. It will be going up Thursday at 2:30pm. Bring anything you might want to go in such as pictures of spaceships, Cthulhu, or things humans were not meant to know.

- Jo will be holding the Epic Samurai Jousting Tournament. 4 peeps from each of their respective samurai clans will enter the microwave arena where they will then attempt to disembowel each other with toothpicks. Only 16 clans will be able to enter the tourney on March 15th. All entering clans must habve a flag design and bring the ceremonial offering of a chair, snack or beverage. To enter your clan of yellow, marshmellowy warriors into the struggle for honor, email Jo at<>.

- News From the GDC: Brawl Tournament this Saturday, March 1st in the CC Odeum. Tickets will be handed out starting at 1:00pm while the tournament itself will start at 3:00pm. Only 256 participants will be allowed but all participating entrants receive a $10 Gift Card to Best Buy. Prizes for winning are "Freakin' Awesome" according to Steve. There will be four free-play kiosks for those who just want to play the game itself. Check online for the rules of the tourney itself. On the horizon, there will be a Rock Band Tournament during Quadfest next year where prizes will be awarded on stage presence. Keep an eye out.

- Former President now "Professional Panhandler" Jon Adler submitted a t-shirt this year that was vigorously vetoed by President Rick. This was not because the shirt itself was ineherently bad, but because it did not seem the shirt would sell well. Jon, however, is still interested in making these shirts available for those who want. Those interested were asked to see him after the meeting but if a pink SFS polo that parodies the Fraternity shirst sounds like something you might be interested in, hunt Jon down and beat him until he surrenders. Or you can just ask him. Prices for the shirt will be ranging from $15 - $20.

GW NEWS: - Once again, March 28 - 30th.

- Former President Jon Adler plans on running a tabletop Battlestar Galactica game during the upcoming Gaming Weekend. He plans to be having sometime on Saturday. It will take place using vectors and radii and employ the models for the ships. Be on the lookout for it in the coming weeks.

- Doug has decided on a time for the YU-GI-OH! Cicuit Tournament that he will be holding on Gaming Weekend. The Tournament will be taking place on Sunday, March 30th from 1 - 5pm.


How disappointing. We officers here at the SFS are gravely disturbed by the lack of failing by our current members. We strongly encourage you to try less harder next term and hope to see improvements in these numbers.

Oh, and be sure to let President Rick know that while he was gone, I was able to drink deep the sweet nectar of power. And I found it.... delicious.

Joshua "Power tastes like Cherry Kool-Aid" Luther

February 20, 2008Edit

Despite what appeared to be a conspiracy to prevent my attending the meeting, an insurrection to procure my position, and rumors that the Joshua that was present was actually a genetically engineered clone, I was, in fact, at the meeting. This is my story.

- Vice-President Hyde sent us yet another missive from the Mysterious East (Or West if you travel far enough). According to it, China is, in fact, crazy, exploding, and making references to Babylon 5. Despite this apprehensive news, the question still remains on everyone's minds, where are the Chinese prostitutes? (Bet you didn't expect me to use THAT joke again eh?)

- Friday. Gaming. Octowedge. 6pm.

- Sunday Magic now has FABULOUS PRIZES!!! After each draft which is still only $9 on Sunday in the CC, Sam will be using leftover cards from the tournament last week for FABULOUS PRIZES!!! that he will give to winners of the draft. Stop by unless, for some reason, you don't like FABULOUS PRIZES!!!

- The SFS Librarians are working on erecting a display case in the school Libaray for about a month in D-term. This display is supposed to help raise awareness of the club and its library of books and sci-fi paraphenalia. There is also plans in the works to perhaps make a permanent display in the school Library for rarer, older, or currently unused pieces of the Library to be put up for display for club pride. If you have any ideas or suggestion for the display, e-mail Rhiannon and Sam at<>.

- Are you nothing but a endless well of incomprehensible hatred and rage? You're not? Oh. Well, then... I'm not either. <_< >_> But in case you do have some steam or stress you want to release, the ACM will be having a Computer and Electronics Smashing Night on February 26th from 7 - 8pm in Washburn Labs (look for the signs). They will also be having study sessions for CS classes in the ADP February 25th - 27th from 6 - 10pm but those don't seem nearly as productive as the rampant destruction of formerly expensive electronics. If you have any questions concerning the events e-mail them to<>.

- The T-shirt voting page is up! Check out users. wpi. edu/~sfs/shirts08.htm to see the number for the t-shirt submissions. Submit you preference of shirts ranked from most favoritest to least favoritest to<>. The voting closes Tuesday, February 26th at 7pm at which time us officers will cast a magical algorithm spell on the data to determine the winner. So go and vote, unless you hate democracy. Do you? Do you hate democracy? You would hate democracy, you communist.

- Yu-Gi-Oh! will be happening again at this Friday's Friday Gaming as well. Another tournament will be held for people to participate in at 7pm in the CC so be there, unless you don't believe in the heart of the cards. Do you? Do you not believe in the heart of the cards? You would not believe in the heart of the cards, you communist.

- This Friday's Gaming will also mark the revival of the SFS Scavenger Hunt. Prizes include CANDY and MORE CANDY. What's not to like?

- Despite the fact that many of you our the empty soulless shells of our lord and master Cthulhu, some of you probably still enjoy comedy. Kilroy: Insert Coin to Continue will be happening this Friday at 7:30pm in Riley Commons and will also stand up from Rick and myself. Empty Set will be showing Empty Set: The Movie: Comedy Wears a Tie in Kinnicut Hall Saturday at 8pm. Guerilla Improv will be having its Winter Marathon Monday at 8pm in Olin 107. Did I mention that it is all free?

GW NEWS: - Gaming Weekend is fast approaching as it will be March 28 - 30th. All Gaming Weekend related news and plugs will be placed in this special section of the minutes.

- Foambrain will be coming to GW in order to run some LARPs for your LARPing pleasure. However, those that are attending require sleeps and will be needing places to stay. If you may be able to help in providing spaces for said sleeps e-mail Rhiannon at<> or<>.

- Kevin will be running an RPG called "Are you sure this is the way to Fish-Skull-Dragon?" one night of GW after Midnight. The game requires 8 players that need to RSVP ahead of time. Other than that, the game remains shrouded in mystery. To sign up or ask questions, e-mail Kevin at<>.

- Kevin will also be running a game of "Pat". Basically, it is the first day of the First Annual Inter-Dimensional Conference where everyone, much to their surprise, finds out that they are all the same person from different dimensions. The game can have an unlimited number of players and is set to run sometime on the first day. Any questions should be sent to<>.

- Yu-Gi-Oh! will also be happening at GW on Sunday from 1-5pm. Except, this time, it's personal. By which I mean it will be a much bigger circuit tournament with even better prizes and more players. Those with questions should e-mail Doug at<>.

The enclosed does not contain or express any viewpoints or opinions of the Joshua Luther himself despite the fact that it clearly does. Joshua "No comment" Luther

February 6, 2008Edit

So apparently there's this school called WPI, right? And they like, get this, have this wierd club, okay, about science fiction and junk. Apparently, they just had, like, a meeting or something, and then they have this officer-guy like, send out the minutes and junk. What a bunch of nerds. Like, really. Yeah way. Totally.

- Despite persistent failures in the past few weeks (records of which were, of course, stricken from the records) the club's alleged Vice-President Michael Hyde managed to get a missive out of China to US waters. Though the message was surpisingly free of any Chinese Flu Pox, members were disappointed to find that he did not, in fact, send over any cheap Chinese prostitutes.

- Friday Gaming will still occur this Friday in the Octowedge despite the disappointing lack of prostitutes. Sunday Magic shall occur in the CC as well and will now be happening in a regularily reserved room.

- We currently only have 3 shirt submissions. That's three. You know. Three. Tres. Trois. Shalosh. This is almost as disappointing as the lack of prostitutes (I wonder how many more times I can use that as a joke?). Seriously guys. Seriously. Deadline's next Wednesday at the start of the meeting.

- Coming Soon! Library Office Hours! There is nothing else to see here. Move along.

- God Emperor XIV has let loose a rallying cry for a Magic BOO (Build Our Own) Draft. Those interested in joining and finding out the steps should e-mail the God Emperor as michael.a.anastasia@STEVE<mailto:michael.a.anastasia@STEVE>. BOO's are these cool drafts where everyone makes their own cards. Joke cards are alot of fun. Such as Goggles which tap to do nothing.

- Hey. There's a literary magazine on campus. It's called Impact. It's still looking for submissions. They'll take anything, poems, short stories, essays, even pictures for the layout. The deadline is the end of C-term. There is only one rule. No Fanfic. Thus, by the transitive property, NO YOUR PROTAGONIST CANNOT BE A JEDI! E-mail submissions to impactsubmissions@STEVE<mailto:impactsubmissions@STEVE>.

- For those of you that went to Riley Commons yesterday looking for comedy, you were, unfortunately, left empoty-handed. While the officership apologizes (though we claim no fault) for those of you that must act on your inexplicable rage we kindly recommend brutally maiming a man by the name of Ryan Keough. It is he who wronged you.

- Apparently we were all foolishly misled by Steve into believing that the GDC's Saturday gaming last week was going to have an Alternate Control Scheme Theme (Catchy!). It would seem that he deceived us as the event is actually happening THIS saturday. Before exacting revenge on Steve, you may to go take a look, if only for the chance that you might find Steve there.

- Yu-Gi-Oh! It happened at last week's Friday Gaming. There was even a tournament of it with fantastic prizes! According to the prophecy, it will happen again on the next eve of Friday Gaming. We must act now if we are to stop it! However, if you are more interested in rending the very fabric of reality, signups will be at 7pm and the tournament will begin at 7:30pm.

- The ACM will be having an Electronics Swapmeet in the Campus Center Odeum on February 9th from 10am - 5pm. Go there to BUY/SELL/TRADE. Not necessarily in that order. Also, one can only BUY/SELL/TRADE electronics, not people (though sentient robots fall into a bit of a gray area).

- Join GAC! It's the right thing to do! You will get stuff, help out the club, and gain experience with club events. Did you know that GAC members are so patriotic that they make Uncle Sam look like Hitler? Bet you didn't know THAT.

- Another set of Officer Nicknames are in! This week's results are for our Librarians. It is my pleasure to introduce Sam "Magic School Bus" LaFleche and Rhiannon "Reading Rainbow" Chiachiaro!

That's it for this week sports fans. Tune in next week.

Joshua "I am totally jealous of those awesome nicknames" Luther

January 30, 2008Edit

Once again Wednesday 7:12pm rolled around and once again there was a meeting. As most people know, such sinister activites can only lead to one thing. And that thing is... MINUTES!

- Friday Gaming will be happening in the Campus Center, this Friday, at 6pm. Ca va? Ca va.

- Sam has brought it to our collective attention that there will be a Magic the Gathering Morningtide tournament hosted by a local game store. Sam will be bringing us more information as it develops.

- Despite the desperate protests of concerned citizens, Doug has disregarded the wisdom of his elders and will be holding the SFS' first Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament at this Friday's Gaming. There will be prizes of a most sinister sort. But what Doug doesn't know is that he is about to trigger my Trap card....

- Sunday Magic will be happening at 1:00pm in the CC. Go. It will be magical. (That was a good one. I'm a comedic genius!)

- Steve announced that there will be a LAN in the Wedge starting at 8pm Friday and going until 8am Saturday. It will be Freeware and Abandonware unless people bring their own games. Attendees must be careful as there wil undoubtedly be zergling rushs.

- Steve also announced that the GDC's Saturday Gaming in the CC will have an alternate control scheme theme this week. Kick a total stranger's ass at Street Fighter with a Guitar Hero controller.

- As punishment for his crimes, at the end of the meeting, Steve was ceremonially beaten.

- T-shirts. Seriously. How many times am I going to have to tell you? Submit designs already. Perhaps make them Jedi related. Do it now or you all may come to regret it.

- Intercon is fast approaching and Mike Wixon swore a noble oath to make sure anyone who wants to go will have transportation come Hell or high water. Barring actual Hell or high water in our foreseeable futures, contact him for so that he may arrange for you to go BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. E-mail him at deeppyre@STEVE<mailto:deeppyre@STEVE>.

- There will be stand-up comedy in Riley Commons this Tuesday at 9pm. Some of the headliners include the SFS' own President and Secretary. The time may change but an e-mail will be sent out to remind everyone. It will be hilarious. You should go unless you're an empty, soulless, shell of a person. And if you are, you should go anyway. Just borrow the trashy old soul in the back of the library. Nobody will notice.

- Did you know that over 68% of the SFS is illiterate? That means over half of you are unable to read that fake statistic. How sad. Rhiannon seeks to fix this. She is promoting Library commerce. Some events that may come in the future include a SFS coffeehouse in Riley Commons. Those with interest or ideas should e-mail at rhichi@BOB<mailto:rhichi@BOB> or rhichi@STEVE<mailto:rhichi@STEVE>.

- More nicknames were decided today! Our Treasurer is no known as Krissy "CONNNNNN!!!!" Davenport and I am now known as Joshua "Icanhazofficership?" Luther.

Stand fast citizens. Tomorrow is another day. Joshua "Icanhazofficership?" Luther

January 23, 2008Edit

This week's meeting marked the actual beginning / taking off / commencement of the new Desilets administration. It was a wonderful meeting to kick off the year. For those that disagree, I believe Vice-President Hyde has a note for you to read.

- The more things change, the more they stay the same. Except for officers. We have new one. For those who still haven't realized it, the new officers are President Rick Desilets, Vice-President Michael Hyde, Treasurer Kristina Davenport, Secretary Joshua Luther, Librarian Sam LaFleche, and Librarian Rhiannon Chiachiaro.

- Hyde sent us a letter from halfway-round the globe. Rick read it aloud. Rick almost summoned an elder god. Silly Rick. Silly Hyde. Silly Hastur.

- President Rick had a powerpoint for us. It was very minimalist. But hey, black text on a white background worked for the founding fathers so it will damn well work for us.

- Hey! You know we have t-shirts right? You know we need designs right? Well why haven't you submitted anything? What are you scared? Submissions are due by the meeting on Feb. 13th and the winning design will most likely be voted on in the meeting on the 20th.

- Former-President-Turned-Hobo Jon Adler had a bag o' items. In it there was a lightsaber, a golden coat, and some books. I wonder what MacGyver could have made with those items...

- Steve continued his blasphemy by once again plugging the GDC's 38 hour Gamejam. Show up to join a team and design a game in 38 hours for prizes and profit! Don't know how to make games? Well then go to the introductory workshop Thursday from 7 - 9 pm in AK120D for a crash-course in the tools they will be using. The Gamejam will be in AK120D going from 7pm Friday to 9am Sunday. 'Tis madness.

- Anime Boston '08 is still happening. Krissy has gotten price estimates on rooms and they will be $30 per person per night. People can buy into rooms from Thursday through Saturday night. For more information and to show your interest, e-mail kdavenport@BOB<mailto:kdavenport@BOB>.

- Krissy is also interested in watching FLCL with people. Apparently this will be taking place in this stragne place known as Steve's Room without his knowledge. She was interested in what day people would want to see it and the general consensus appeared to be Saturday.

- Housing is important. Some people need places to sleep and store things when they aren't gaming. This is why we here at the SFS like to get together and look for housing. Those interested in housing on or off campus can mail the officers at sfs@BOB<mailto:sfs@BOB> in order to be added to the new housing list sfs-apt@BOB<mailto:sfs-apt@BOB>.

- Join GAC. Assist events. Volunteer. Have fun. Get experience in helping to run the club. DO IT NOW. Contact Jansen or Carmel for information regarding joining GAC and ask them to be adding to the GAC mailing list which is sfs-gac@BOB<mailto:sfs-gac@BOB>.

- Remember how Former-President-Turned-Hobo Jon got us the Campus Center open for 24 hours on weekends to help Friday gaming? Yeah, that was cool. But now the commie-fascists in the SGA are thinking about taking that away from us. Show them how serious we are by staying up absurdly late in the Campus Center for the rest of the term. Fight the Power!

- Doug showed us a video on YouTube. Thusly, this item summary has been shortened to save bandwidth.

- Doug is still teaching Yu-Gi-Oh! at Friday Night Gaming. Not only that but not he will be holding Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments every Friday for the next few weeks. he ven has prizes. For more information, e-mail Doug at gardinerd@BOB<mailto:gardinerd@BOB>.

- Events. Go do them. Make some up. Get help from Jansen and Carmel. What's stopping you? All the cool kids are doing it.

- Lastly, Officer nicknames have begun. Our President shall now be known as Rick "Please Don't Fail" Desilets. Our Vice-President shall henceforth be know as Michael "Hastur, Hastur, Hast-" Hyde.

I'll now enclose with a little wisdom from my great-grandmother. "It's not a walker, it's a Harly-Davidson and I don't take shit from nobody." Best of Luck, Joshua "<Null>" Luther

January 16, 2008Edit

We are in control. Do not panic. Do not attempt to adjust your internet. Take heed citizens as soon the acolytes will forever remember this day as the Glorious Desilets Administration's rise to power.

Everything is falling perfectly into place. It is only a matter of time.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Wait, did I type the laugh? Dammit! That totally breaks the mood. Okay, okay, calm down. Just run with it.)


Discrete Takeovergenda / CONNNNNNNNNNgenda / Triumphant Rise of the Glorious Desilets Democratic Dictatorship....genda

- Friday Night Gaming will still be held this Friday in the Campus Center. For now, at least. Be grateful that the administration has chosen to leave this weekly event untouched. We may have uses for it.

- Sister Krissy is still organizing a pilgrimage to Anime Boston. Hotels will be $30 a night per person. She did not receive any e-mails even though people "allegedly" sent them. The fault obviously lies in the general publice as Sister Krissy is an integral part of the Administration and is thus infallible. All further inquiries for now can be sent to kdavenport@BOB<mailto:kdavenport@BOB> until she has found a more reliable e-mail service.

- Sister Rhiannon has issued a call for patriotic citizens to undertake a journey to Anime NEXT. Anime NEXT appears to be a mysterious and harrowing place as Sister Rhiannon has stated that it exist in New JErsey and may randomly break out into raves. To contact her, e-mail rhichi@BOB<mailto:rhichi@BOB> or rhichi@STEVE<mailto:rhichi@STEVE>.

- Sister Beth is inquiring if people are planning to head to Arisia this weekend. Citizens interested can contact her at egould@BOB<mailto:egould@BOB>.

- Brother Steve brings us tidings from our archenemies the People's Republic of Game Development Club. Apparently, they will be hosting GameJam next weekend, which is some sort of 36 hour game making event. 38Studios is offering a $2000 prize for the best game submitted by Feb 18th. The following weekend will have a 12-hour LAN party involving Starcraft and Tribes. In addition, there are these gameNights on Saturday nights in the Taylor Room. Brother Steve has been, unfortunately, executed for two reasons. The first was because he dared to show allegiance to a rival administration. The second was due to some action that annoyed current Secretary during the elections. The Secretary does not immediately remember what it was but it positive the execution was deserved.

- Sister Beth is also looking to start a D&D game that will be friendly to inexperienced citizens. Contact at egould@BOB<mailto:egould@BOB>.

- The new shirts are currently in production. It is important that excellent designs are submitted because the shirts will be worn everyday by patriotic citizens as part of the soon to be mandatory dress code. Guidelines are that the designs should have a front and a back, say "Science Fiction Society" somewhere, and not be white. E-mail submissions to<>. Patriotic citizens would be advised to submit vector art. Those who are not patriotic will be executed.

- Sister Carmel is shoring up interest for Vericon (Jan 25 - 26). If you are not a sketchy character you may be able to crash at Former Ruler Jon Adler's sister's place. However, he and his entire family might possible be executed by then by the Administration.

- Constitutional amendments failed to pass due to insufficient turnout. This problem has been passed on to the current Administration. This is unimportant as the current Administration has no need for constitutions as its rule is absolute.

- For those who are unaware, the new Administration consist of God-King Rick, Brother Hyde, Sister Krissy, and Brother Joshua. May their glory last for a thousand suns.

Final Notice: Those who laughed at the preceding will be apprehended for finding the acts of the Administration to be humorous. Those who did not at the preceding will be apprehended for not seeing the brilliant comedic styling of the administration. Those apprehended will be immediately executed without a trial. Have a nice day.

Sincerely, The Glorious Joshua "Nickname Pending" Luther, Secretary of the Also Glorious Administration

November 7, 2007Edit

Hooray, my e-mail has been flushed by a corrupt Exchange server. Hopefully this stuff gets rectified soon or Minutes and Officer Archives are going to get tricky... Anyway, onto the meeting.

Rich Pavis has resigned his office of SFS Treasurer. There will be no emergency election to replace him, as there would be less than four weeks of term remaining. As such, Jon Adler will be handling budget and related Treasurer issues. Jonny and Christian are masters of stage and screen. See their antics at users. wpi. edu/~jonadler/sfs/sfs008.avi

Friday Gaming will commence... NEXT WEEK. This week we have Laser Tag! If you haven't bought a ticket yet, they be $10, check out the Campus Center to grab an officer tablesitting. Be in the Octowedge at 7pm on Friday with your ticket, and we'll be back around 10ish. Sunday Magic is happening this Sunday! Sam is having a $9 draft at 1pm in the Campus Center. If he doesn't have enough cards for a draft, bring your decks, and play a few with your well-honed piles. Monday Heroes is up, 9pm in Fuller Auditorium. Save the date, save the world. Tuesday Fullmetal Alchemist is the newest addition to our weekly lineup. Alex Camilo is running an FMA TUB on Tuesdays at 7pm in Founders 104. Wednesday Sci-Fi didn't happen this week, as our Dictator For Life was not present at the meeting to advertise whatever movie he did not have with him at the meeting.

Upcoming stuffs! 11/9 - Laser Tag! See above! 11/12 - BSG: Razor Advance Screening in Framingham and Boston, 7pm and 10pm. If you have your slip and such and want to try to arrange a carpool, please email me at 11/24 - BSG: Razor will be on the Sci Fi Network, and the SFS has Olin 107 reserved that night, 9-11pm. Be there or be Cylon. 11/27 - Family Board Game Night. Whoo! Email the officer list at with your suggestions for games!

Anime Boston 2008! Krissy is extending the deadline for getting her your money and info because she is super lazy. Like superhero lazy. Lazy Girl or something. She is usually in the Octowedge between 3-4:30pm, or you can email her at

Doug wants to teach people how to play Yu-Gi-Oh! If you're interested in making a Starter or Structure Deck, email him at

Holy crap, this meeting was only 9 minutes long. Good god. Also, next week's meeting (11/14) will be the last one until after Thanksgiving break, so if you have anything going on between then and the end of November, that would be a good time to talk about it.

Later all,

Rick "If I Lose All My Emails, Someone's Going To Lose A Face" Desilets, 


October 31, 2007Edit

...okay, this was supposed to go out about an hour and a half ago, but it's looking like sfs-announce doesn't like attachments. Thus, last Tuesday's minutes will be up on the website tomorrow morning when I can hit up the UNIX machines in the CCC.

Hey all, hope you're having an awesome Halloween! Lots of interesting stuff to get to tonight, so let's begin, shall we?

- Jon made a movie! It be here! users. wpi. edu/~jonadler/sfs/sfs007.avi - Doug Gardiner, our new Librarian, made a PowerPoint to let you all know who he is. Awesome is what he is. Thus, he is Awesome Doug. Yes.

- SGA Officer Elections are taking place. Vote! Let your voice be heard! Also, run for SGA Senator! It's a good idea. It is. Mmhm. - This Friday at 6pm in Salisbury 115 (Kinnicutt Hall) we will be having our policy meeting. PLEASE come to the meeting. It's about as important as it gets, this is the future of the club we're talking about here. - D Term Gaming Weekend will be from March 28-30 this year. Whoo! - The Minutes from the Impeachment Meeting last Tuesday will be up on the site tomorrow. They are written as accurately as I could manage.

- Friday Gaming commences as usual in the Campus Center this Friday. Myself and Pavis will be on duty. - Sunday Magic is taking place in the Campus Center at 1pm this week. Sam needs seven more people, because he's running out of cards! - Monday Heroes is happening in FLAUD at 9pm as usual. - Wednesday Sci Fi this week, in honor of Halloween, was Night of the Living Dead. BAM. - Trick or Treat did not happen on such a grand scale as normal, because we had no liaison to SMAS at the meeting! Noooooo! - Josh likes AMVs! He wants you to watch and enjoy them too! This Saturday at 3pm, in Founders 308, he wants you to experience lots of awesome AMVs in SURROUND SOUND. Email for more details.

- November 9: Laser Tag at LazerZone will be happening from 7-10pm (meeting in the Octowedge). Tickets are $10. Awesomeness is free. - November 10: Guys'/Girls' Night Out, at 26 Lancaster (meeting at 8pm in the Octowedge). The guys will be hanging out on the 3rd floor watching The Pickup Artist, while the girls will be hanging out on the 2nd floor watching Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley version). No, you can't go to the other floor. Even if you do have a beard or boobs. RSVP to either Robyn ( or Jon ( if you want in. - November 12: Battlestar Galactica: Razor Advanced Screenings in Framingham and Boston! Hurry, hurry, hurry, the spots are filling up FAST. - November 20: Family Board Game Night. If you have suggestions for games, please email the officer list at - November 24: Battlestar Galactica: Razor will be shown in... a room. Hopefully we'll have something reserved by tomorrow, when I know I'll email the list again.

- Costume! Dance! Party! v2.0 went pretty awesomely. I think so, at least. Agree? Disagree? Email with your questions, comments, feedback, and gifts of cake. - There has been a polling of the membership to see if the club would be interested in getting a NetFlix account. More to come on that later (likely Friday). - Josh Luther wants you to know that Impact is a literary magazine that needs YOUR HELP. You should all write sci fi stories and submit them to NO FANFICS. PERIOD. - Doug wants to teach people how to play Yu-Gi-Oh! If interested, email him at - Nyren was spearheading the MIT Mystery Hunt, and has stepped down from it. Jonathan Jacobs is looking to find someone to be team captain. Meetings are Tuesdays at 7pm in the Octowedge. - Anime Boston is happening, hurrah. Krissy needs people! She is sending in the final registration on Monday, so if you want in, send her an email at asap. It is going from March 22-24, and it costs $35 minus discount.

- The SFS account is fixed! Hooray! Expect updates to the site very soon. - We've been given the greenlight from the GDC to begin work on SFS Forums on their serverspace (with the help of GDC Systems, Christian Roy). We're going to give it a trial run and see how it works.

- Last but not least, nicknames!

Robyn has been re-nicknamed "Shnookums". Jansen has inherited Robyn's old nickname, merged with his own, into "Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It". Doug has been nicknamed "Du-Gi-Oh!".


Happy Halloween, all. - Rick "I'm Beginning To Think It May Not Be Monica..." Desilets, Secretary

WPI Science Fiction Society P: Jon Adler (, V: Robyn Colopy (, T: Rich Pavis (, S: Rick Desilets ( L: Jansen Smith (, Doug Gardiner (, GAC: Tess de Rham (, Chris Woo (

October 24, 2007Edit

Lots o' stuff this week. I was going to rap all the items, but... like I said, LOTS of stuff. Which means a painful amount of rhyming. Ouch. My cthulhu-regions.

Jonny had a video congratulating Robyn on her successful VP bid. The video can be viewed at users. wpi. edu/~jonadler/sfs/sfs006.avi Robyn then followed up with a PowerPoint (under executive order from a very scary Jon). These Minutes are being typed with a Hello Kitty! mask on.

SGA Treasurer Candidate Matt Parker came to speak with the club on several issues, including having done an internal audit which he is finishing up for B Term. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email him at

Friday Gaming commences as usual tonight in the Campus Center! Excelsior! Sam spent $170 on Magic stuff. PLEASE HELP HIM GET SOME OF IT BACK. He's having a $9 draft in the Campus Center this Sunday. For more info, email him at Heroes goes on as usual this Monday in Higgins 116 at 9pm. Go see supahpowahs. Wixon showed GATTACA this week. Oh man. Wednesday Sci Fi rocks something fierce.

The Morning After starts today! Soylent Green starts tomorrow! At 7:30pm in Olin 107. Also tomorrow night is Empty Set's hit new game show, Don't Suck!, in the Campus Center Odeum at 7pm Yet also tomorrow night is College Night at the Ducharme Center (10 Dupont St) for square dancing, as described by Jo. The MIT Tech Squares will be there, and it's a $4 student rate to get in.

Costume! Dance! Party! v2.0 is Tuesday starting at 8pm in Alden. It's $1 to get in if you haven't bought your tickets already, and there will be tickets at the door. Go have an awesome time.

Two weeks from today, November 9, we're going to LazerZone in Marlboro for some kickin' laser tag. There will be buses, which will be leaving at 7:15. Tickets will be sold starting Monday, $10 apiece.

Intercon H is happening the first weekend of C Term break. A gigantic LARPcon in Lowell... or Chelmsford... Wixon's told me both now... $35 to get in. Signups are open... NOW. Go to for more details. Anime Boston 2008 is happening the weekend of March 23rd. Krissy wants to get the registration stuff squared away PRONTO, it's $35 minus discount, so email Also there was an adorable Weighted Companion Cube present. If it speaks to you, it's lying. Jonathan brought up a good point about possible conflict for time with D Term Gaming Weekend. We'll get back to you guys on that next week.

Krissy also wants to show all (6 episodes) of FLCL. Email her if you're interested. Alex wants to run an FMA TUB. Email him at if interested. Sam wants to run a HUGE game of Carcassonne. This requires more games of Carcassonne. Email him at

We have new mailing lists! sfs-announce is the new announcement list (hurr). By default the entire sfs-members list has been placed on sfs-announce. If there is something you want said over the announce list, please email the officer list ( sfs-discuss is the new discussion list (double-hurr). By default no one's on it, so if you want on, email the officer list and say so. discuss is pretty much for random crap, discussions, debates, flamewars, you name it. sfs-members has been dissolved to make way for the new lists.

The Meeting Minutes will be online NEXT week (we had some password issues with the account, gotta get that fixed for next week). The Minutes from Tuesday's meeting will be up once I can finish cleaning up the Oh-God-Why-Is-There-So-Much-Shorthand notes from it.

The SFS Policy Meeting has been moved to next Friday, November 2nd, at 6pm. It'll likely go one for a while, so please keep that in mind, and if you can't make it for a little while into it, feel free to come in late (ideas you may have might already have been brought up, but it's better to ask and be told that than to keep silent and have it not heard)

Josh Luther brought up some things to think on until then: primarily our Class III status and activity, our inclusion and involvement for freshmen, and the possible delegation of representatives for facets of geekdom (eg. anime)

Last, but certainly not least, we'd like to announce (again -- Jonny is faster on the draw than I :( ) that Doug Gardiner '11 is our new Librarian. Whoo! On Wednesday we'll be giving him an officer nickname.

Ciao, - Rick "I'm The Hiphopapotamus, My Rhymes Are Bottomless ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..." Desilets

October 23, 2007Edit

Main article: 2007 Science Fiction Society impeachment

October 10, 2007Edit

Interesting one this week, folks.

A motion was made by Rich Pavis to impeach Jon Adler from the office of President. This motion was (heavily) seconded, then voted on. Adler was impeached, and Pavis, as Treasurer and highest-ranked SFS Officer, took emergency power (as provided by Article XIII) and instated his own gestapo force (which included former Vice President Monica Kolb). Pavis then used his emergency powers to call a vote for President, nominated Jon Adler (which was seconded) and then voted on. Adler was re-elected President and Pavis dissolved the Gestapo Government.

Then a serious motion for impeachment was brought forth, and was seconded. Nyren Shaylokar has moved to impeach Jon Adler, and as thus, a vote will occur on Tuesday, October 23, at 6:00pm (PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN TIME) before the Vice Presidential election. See the email "Please Read - Regarding the Voting Meeting" for further details.

Jonny didn't grace us with his shiny, beautiful mug via vlog this week. He says it's cause he forgot, I think Philadelphia is pulling strings. BUT ALAS.

Thursday Gaming will commence tonight in the Campus Center. IT'S THE END OF TERM, WHOO. Enjoy yo'selves.

Tonight at 11pm, Sam wants to cart you all over to Rising Phoenix Games for a midnight release draft of Lorwyn. It's $12 with student ID. On Sunday, Sam wants to cart you all over to Rising Phoenix Games for a non-midnight release draft of Lorwyn. $10 a draft, it's running all day, and you can re-draft if you lose for another $10. Email Sam at if you want in. If you win a draft, you can either enter the next draft for free or take three draft packs.

Wednesday Sci Fi is awesome, and so is Wixon. Gattaca was slated for tonight, but got benched until more people can show up. Last night he instead showed Existens.

Krissy wants you all to go to Anime Boston '08. It should be around March 23, email for more details.

Wixon would like to let you know about Intercon H ("Heaven & Hell"). It's during the first weekend of Spring Break, where there will be 31 LARPs (including one about sassy pirate wenches and vikings. Sorry folks, my retention made it about as far as "sassy pirate wenches" and my brain packed up and got to Intercon early) It's in Chelmsford (there is a possibility I will be able to score people free lodging in Lowell), and it's first come, first serve. Go to for more.

TMA is running from October 26-28 Soylent Green is going to be shown October 27 Costume! Dance! Party! 2.0 is going to be on October 30 (emceed by yours truly). Get a costume! Also, give tabs to Tab Guy!

Please vote in the upcoming SGA elections. It's important. Also, Ferro is a cool guy. Also, the poll on MyWPI is in regards to keeping the Campus Center open 24 hours on weekends. VOTE.

The punt count hit a serious low this term at 8. Come on, people. Seriously.

Your buddy, and mine, Rick "One Day I'll Stop Punting" Desilets

September 29, 2007Edit

After (not very much) consideration for a theme this week, I decided to go with something a bit... alphabetical. Because these minutes are quite late, and because I'm out of ideas for the time being, and because I'm in class typing this (that's how special these minutes are to me) Classtime is perfect for doing minutes, yeah... anyway...

Despite all odds, Mr. Adler actually made it to the meeting! ...for about two minutes, to intro his video (users. wpi. edu/~jonadler/sfs/ Even Christian had a video to follow, advertising The Pickup Artist. For those interested in watching it, email Christian at

Gaming on Friday as usual, Magic via trip to UMass Boston on Sunday (meet at 8am -- Sam has further instructions) Heroes on Monday at 9pm in Fuller Labs' gigantic auditoriumy room, it's huge! If you have time after SFS meetings, Wixon is re-hosting Wednesday Night Scifi in Founders.

Jeremiah would like to run a one-shot of Everway, a diceless game. Character creation will be tonight from 7-8pm, and the game will begin Saturday at 2pm. Email him at

Kings and aliens love money. Cups love money too. The SFS has a cup in Penny Wars, and it loves pennies. You should give pennies to it. Yes.

Librarians are not just pieces of meat. They also like things. Also not being overrun after meetings. Meetings are not the best times to steal librarians to hit the library, as it is late-ish and they may be busy. That said, the library has hours from 4 till Gaming on Friday. Now, if you need something from the library at a random time, find an officer and (if they aren't busy) they can get you what you need.

One Ian Williams would like to garner interest in Dragon Quest (seriously old-school gamery). It takes 3-6 players. Plus, he would also like to try getting people for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Strategy Board Game, technically a 2 player game (but hackable for more). Email for more info.

Questions came up surrounding who is IT. Richard Pavis is now IT.

Red Dwarf is awesome, and Eric Sutman would like to run a TUB of it. If interested, email him at

SGA Treasurer candidate Mike Ferro came to talk about his platform in the upcoming election. If you would like to talk to him about any particular issues, his email is

Tabs are multipurpose. They're good for lots of things. Like rapidly inserting spaces into a word processor, or opening cans... or making chainmail. Email if you would like to donate tabs for his kickin' tabmail.

Unfortunately, due to the lateness of these minutes, the announcement about Genius' Dragonfly Game Design Team beta testing is sort of... belated.

Very different from the usual card games going on, Doug Gardener would like to educate you on the wonder that is Yu-Gi-Oh! the card game. Email him at if intrigued.

Well... that's about it for this week. Xykon. Yes, I am totally cheating on the last bits of this email. - "Zero Tolerance For Not Finishing The Themes He Starts" Desilets

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