SNAP or Security Night Assistance Patrol is a student run escort service funded and overseen by Campus Police.

SNAP ServicesEdit

The SNAP service is currently dispatched by the WPI police. Getting an escort is as simple as dialing x6111. Generally speaking, SNAP will take you from anywhere to anywhere within a one mile radius of campus. Prior to A-Term 2005, SNAP had certain limits on where it would take you. SNAP will not take you to any commercial location.


SNAP, formerly Student Night Assistance Patrol, was originally a collection of student hired to help with basic security tasks: patrolling, checking to see doors are locked, etc. Soon after, they began walking escorts to students who did not feel safe getting around. A van was acquired to assist with the escort process and SNAP workers soon found themselves too tied up with escorts to attend to other tasks and SNAP soon became an escort only service (although SNAP drivers are expected to keep an eye out for certain activities.) In the past, SNAP has also taken on secondary jobs such as helping to shuttle people to the Quad during Commencement and Reunion.


The students who work for SNAP go through a grueling SNAPplication process. SNAPpers are paid more than the average work-study wage.


SNAP runs at least one of its vans from 4 p.m. - 4 a.m.

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