A "Pi Room" is a room on the WPI campus numbered 314 that has had its sign modified to contain a decimal point between the three and one numerals.

Known Pi RoomsEdit

As of this writing, there are Pi rooms in Daniels Hall, Morgan Hall, Stoddard Complex and The Campus Center.

Daniels HallEdit

In the Fall of 2001 during NSO, freshmen in Daniels Hall added the decimal point to room 314. The Daniels number signs are made of two layers of color plastic sandwiched together. The freshmen drilled a small hole through the top (grey) layer to reveal the white layer below.

They were astonished that someone hadn't already done this. Some theorize that every year eager freshmen insert the decimal point and that Facilities replaces the signs each year. No one has been un-lazy enough to find out if this is true.

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