New Student Orientation (NSO) at WPI consists of a 5 day schedule beginning the Saturday before A-Term begins. The program revolves around the students learning about the school and becoming acclimated to their new surroundings. The activities include fun activities like the Orientation Olympics, as well as various academic information sessions.

Since 1999, WPI has used the Insight program to help students through the first two terms of school. The Insight program revolves around a group of three people who help first year students. These three people are the orientation leader/peer advisor (OL/PA), resident advisor (RA), and faculty advisor (FA). The teamwork between these three people are integral in the success of the Insight program. At the beginning of A-Term, orientation leaders become peer advisors. The team of the peer advisor and faculty advsior continue on during A and B terms as a first years academic advisor.

Another feature of NSO is Play Fair, designed to be a mass ice breaker where a speaker serves as MCs and lead the freshmen through a variety of physical activities. A trademark line from the event was "I want a standing ovation!" This was supposed to cause anyone who said it to be suddenly applauded by those around him.

Previous NSOs

Previous to 2002, the orientation program revolved around orientation groups creating a "Virtual Student" webpage complete with a CV and extracurricular activities. Organizers have since changed the program and the project is no longer a part of NSO.


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