The Marketing Campaign of 2002 was unveiled the first week of April 2002. It consisted of updating some existing marketing materials such as the logo and Web site and some new materials such as the message in a nutshell and the tagline.

Parts of the Marketing Campaign

University Logo, Monogram, & Signature

The new artwork was designed to clearly convey a message of what the university is about. Testing done on the old Two Towers logo while the new artwork was in development showed that WPI's image as a long-standing, reputable university with a physical campus was not being accurately conveyed via that logo.

University Tagline

The tagline, The University of Science and Technology. And Life., was the most notorious product of the marketing campaign. Similar to the new artwork, it was created to convey WPI's personality in a concise fashion. was redesigned to contain more information on current events at WPI for prospective students and their families. The Web site released April 3 and was code named Deuteronomy screenshot). The previous site was "Windows on the World" (screenshot). It featured a gray pattern background that was changed in favor of a brighter white and an increase in use of color.

Message in a Nutshell

The WPI Message in a Nutshell was an elevator length pitch about what distinguished WPI from other universities and what our qualities our graduates have. It came on a laminated business card so one could always spread the good word on WPI.


Transformations replaced WPI's Journal and Wire publications. It contains stories of students and alumni who are making changes through their academic, personal, and professional work. One recommendation from the University's administration is to leave a copy of Transformations in your dentist's office.

Radio Commercials

Radio commercials used the same text as the television commercials, only shorter and with no video. They played in the Boston and Hartford metro areas.

Television Commercial

The commercial WPI Was There is a 33-second spot that highlights the past accomplishments of WPI alumni while at the same time separates WPI from other universities. It first played locally in the Boston and Hartford areas and was later pushed outside of New England and onto the morning news shows in New York City.


Funding for the overall research and execution of the marketing campaign came from The Campaign for WPI.


Beyond the normal reaction to change the tagline was poorly received by students and alumni in general. Response ranged from outrage to embarrassment over the lack of grammatical correctness.

The television commercial was also, in general, poorly received by the community. The intent of the commercial was often misinterpreted to be "recruiting students" when in fact it was simply geared toward increasing recognition of the WPI name.