This is a list of the current and former officers of the Science Fiction Society. As of April 2013, the SFS is in its 39th full year, and has had 39 sets of officers.

Year President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Librarian(s) Other Appointments
1975 Rich Holmes
1976 Rich Holmes
1991 Josh Brandt
1993 Seann Ives
1994 Seann Ives CDA
Steve Richardson B
1995 Ben Bennett Tara Halwes Mike Sanders Steve Richardson Mike Caprio
1996 Janet Brennan unknown CD
Justin Brzozoski AB
Steve Dupree Justin Brzozoski CD
Steve Martin AB
1997 Janet Brennan Steve Martin Bruce Cox Shaughn Bryant Lucas McCauslin
1998 Mike Galvin Lucas McCauslin
1999 Seth Hardy Lucas McCauslin
2000 Seth Hardy Greg Pettigrew Leanne Hoffman
2001 Seth Hardy Brian Dewhirst Alison Schafer Leanne Hoffman Nicci Vega
2002* Carolyn Lachance Conor Walsh CD
Rob Knapp AB
Mike Wixon Leanne Hoffman Owen Smith
Kevin Munn
2003 Mike Wixon Rob Knapp Ben Johnson Josh Truskowski Rory Fuller
Kevin Munn
2004 Mike Wixon Rob Knapp Ben Johnson Micah Gaulin-McKenzie Rory Fuller
Mike Anastasia
2005 Mike Anastasia Adam Nakama Ben Johnson Micah Gaulin-McKenzie Rory Fuller
Jonathan Adler
2006 Mike Anastasia Micah Gaulin-McKenzie Jonathan Adler Monica Kolb Adam Nakama
Chris Woo
2007* Jonathan Adler Monica Kolb CDA
Robyn Colopy B
Rich Pavis Rick Desilets Jansen Smith
Robyn Colopy CDA
Doug Gardiner B
GAC Heads
Teresse de Rham
Chris Woo
2008 Rick Desilets Michael Hyde Krissy Davenport Joshua Luther Rhiannon Chiacchiaro
Sam LaFleche
Events Coordinator
Jansen Smith
2009 Jansen Smith Joshua Luther C
Sam LaFleche CDAB
Chris Maddox CD

Cory Lauer AB

Rhiannon Chiacchiaro Will Chapman Events Coordinator
Marcus Menghini
2010 Michael Miranda Ben Kaplan CD

Marcus Menghini AB

Cory Lauer CD

Sasha Abdurazak AB

Rhiannon Chiacchiaro Zachary Card Austin Noto-Moniz
2011 Marcus Menghini Sasha Abdurazak Michal Talmor Zachary Card Janell Biczak Events Coordinator
Francesco Bivona
2012 Michal Talmor Austin Noto-Moniz Corey Lauer Solly Ross Doug Gardiner

Events Coordinator
Sam Stadtlander
PR Officer
Francesco Bivona

2013 Francesco Bivona Solly Ross** Janell Biczak Katie Longhurst James Anouna Events Coordinator
Nick Sitar
PR Officer
David Rubenstein
2014 Francesco Bivona James Anouna David Pounds Lauren Baker Chuck Wentzell Events Coordinator
Andrew Kennedy
PR Officer
Andrea Goldstein

2007*: Vice President Monica Kolb resigned in A07, and in special election, Librarian Robyn Colopy was elected Vice President. Her Librarian role was filled by Doug Gardiner. Treasurer Richard Pavis resigned in B07, but no special election was held.

2013*: Vice President Solly Ross did not return as a student in A13.  His position was left unfilled.