The Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division is responsible for overseeing two of the most successful educational innovations to emerge at any college or university in the past half century, the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) and the Global Perspective Program. Through the IQP, all of WPI's undergraduates, whether they are pursing studies in science, engineering or the management of technology, are required to gain experience tackling problems that lie at the interface of science, technology and society. Though the Global Perspective Program, they come to understand and appreciate other cultures and to see – firsthand – how their lives and work will play out on a global stage.

The responsibilities of the IGSD also include the administration of many of the university's undergraduate interdisciplinary programs. These include the major in Technical, Scientific, and Professional Communications, opportunities for teacher licensing, majors and minors in International Studies, and the minor in Law and Technology as well as self-designed interdisciplinary majors, through which students may pursue existing major programs that cross disciplinary lines or develop their own major programs geared to their interests and career aspirations.