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gweep: /gweep/

1. v. To hack, usually at night. At WPI, from 1975 onwards, one who gweeped could often be found at the College Computing Center punching cards or crashing the PDP-10 or, later, the DEC-20. A correspondent who was there at the time opines that the term was originally onomatopoetic, describing the keyclick sound of the Datapoint terminals long connected to the PDP-10; others allege that �gweep� was the sound of the Datapoint's bell (compare feep). The term has survived the demise of those technologies, however, and was still alive in early 1999. �I'm going to go gweep for a while. See you in the morning.� �I gweep from 8 PM till 3 AM during the week.�

2. n. One who habitually gweeps in sense 1; a hacker. �He's a hard-core gweep, mumbles code in his sleep.� Around 1979 this was considered derogatory and not used in self-reference; it has since been proudly claimed in much the same way as geek.

GweepCo Edit

Started as a joke in 1989 by a group of WPI students, GweepCo was an unofficial group of friends that has since grown to ridiculous proportions.

GweepNet Edit

The GweepNet BBS was created when the CCC decided to discard a number of small unix machines. Josh Brandt was one of the first to pick up some of these systems and was the first to get one working. Not long after, he acquired a 1200 baud modem and decided to set up one of the first unix-based BBSes in the Worcester area, GweepNet. The GweepNet BBS attracted a community of WPI students, ex-WPI students, Worcester-area BBS community members, and assorted hangers-on. It operated for three years, gradually becoming more complex, until it included usenet newsgroup access, a UUCP email gateway to the internet, and a number of online games.

When WPI first rolled out ethernet in residence halls, the GweepNet BBS moved to a dorm room and evolved from a BBS-like interface into a generic unix shell access system. Over the last decade has moved several times, and currently resides in what should be a semi-permanent physical location. The main web page is visible here, at

The original GweepNet BBS was around long enough that the sysops were interviewed for The BBS Documentary.

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