Guerilla Improv
Founded 1999
Class Class III Sub-Group
(see Student Comedy Productions)
Office(s) Riley Hall basement
Olin Hall 303
2010 Officers
Director Ethan Lawrence
Producer Greg DiLullo
SCP Representative Greg DiLullo
Active Members Lindsey Lucier (2006)
Ethan Lawrence (2008)
Erin Saari (2008)
Greg DiLullo (2009)
Caleb Ruvich (2009)
Ian Hawkes (2010)
Alex Kafantis (2010)
Molly Ott (2010)
Michael Riggieri (2010)
Previous Directors Dominic DiGiovanni (2007, 2008)
Lindsey Lucier (2009)
Ethan Lawrence (2010)
Related Organizations KILROY sketch comedy
{ Empty Set }

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