A member of the Class of 1893 and a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gompei Kuwada was the first goat keeper. He was given this job by his class in 1891. The story goes that he was chosen because of his initials, G.K., which could also be imagined to stand for "Goat Keeper." He was on the varsity chess, soccer, volleyball, football, and tennis teams. He also had a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Kuwada was originally from Japan.

Tributes Edit

In 2007 WPI's Lens & Lights group held its annual Wall Of Sound fundraiser. That year proceeds went to the Alapakkam GOAT Project. LnL raised enough money to purchase three goats for villages in India. One of the goats was named "Gompei" in honor of WPI's first goat keeper.

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