Gompei's Place (or simply "Gompei's") was a pizzeria on campus, located in the basement of Sanford Riley Hall in the space now occupied by the Little Theatre, that operated from roughly 1985 until 2001 [someone please confirm these dates]. Prior to this, the establishment had been a pub known as the Goat's Head Pub (not to be confused with the Goat's Head Restaurant currently located in Founders Hall). When the drinking age in Massachusetts was raised from 18 to 21, the location was converted to a pizzeria, and Gompei's Place was born.

In 2001, with the opening of the new Campus Center, Gompei's Place was shut down and reopened as a station in the Profiles in Good Taste food court, with the original location slated to become administrative offices. While Gompei's Place had been a full-fledged pizzeria with a varied menu, ample seating, and quality food, the new food court station had none of these things, and was quickly branded Faux Gompei's by annoyed students. The original location in Riley Hall remained empty and forgotten for several years until the Little Theatre opened in that space in 2006.


In 2003, the door to Gompei's Place (by now long abandoned) was stolen. After some ominous rumblings from Campus Police in which it was idly noted that the door cost more than $250, making its theft a felony, the door suddenly reappeared and no further questions were asked. Soon afterwards, the door was reinstalled minus the Gompei's Place logo, which had previously been painted onto the glass.

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