This is a list of people who left WPI between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005.

Vice PresidentsEdit

  • Jack Carney, Provost
  • John Heyl, VP University Relations

Asst. or Assoc. Vice PresidentsEdit

  • Kevin Kelly, Assoc. VP for Enrollment Management
  • Dave Lucht, Asst. VP for Marketing and Assoc. Prof. of FPE
  • John Minasian, Dean of Extended Education


  • Elizabeth Howland, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Stephanie Blaisdell, Director of Diversity and Women's Programs
  • Tom Balistieri, Director of Student Development & Counseling
  • John Hanlon, Director of Public Safety
  • Theresa Lee, Director of Residental Services
  • Jennifer Bevins, Director of Residential Services

Other Exempt StaffEdit

  • Jarrod Pantoleo, Graduate Assistant
  • Tracy Patskis-Claiborne, Assoc. Dir. of Student Activities
  • Amy Luchans, Asst. Dir. of Student Activities
  • Diana Johnson
  • Kathy Schaffert

Other Non-Exempt StaffEdit

  • Carolyn Kelly, Administrative Assistant Media Relations


  • Thomas Shannon, Professor of Humanities & Arts
  • Stephen J. Weininger

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