Darius Kazemi is a graduate of the class of 2005 in ECE.

Tech NewsEdit

Darius served as EIC of Tech News for 2003 and 2004. His tenure as EIC saw a dramatic upswing in recruitment and retention of new writers, helping the paper grow in size for a couple years after he graduated. This increase in activity is generally attributed to the high level of energy he brought to the role, in stark contrast to the much more subdued and lackadaisical approach of his predecessor.

However, his leadership was also marked with a tendency to disregard input from other editors and an unwillingness to question the administration on contentious issues. This led to an unremarkable news section, similar to years past. Conversely, Darius oversaw the paper during the early writing period of Rocky Lorre, '06, whose work made the paper's opinion section highly controversial and the subject of much on-campus debate.

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