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On Parent's Day, May 5, 1962 ground-breaking ceremonies initiated the construction of the third and latest project in the college's 8.5 million dollar development program administered by President Storke. Daniels Hall, WPI's newest residence hall, was dedicated on June 8, 1963. Nearly 1.4 million dollars, 1,900 cubic yards of concrete, 257 tons of structural steel, 78 tons of reinforcing steel, 136,000 bricks, and 37 sub-contractors later, Daniels closed the south side of the West campus.

The building was named in memory of Fred H. Daniels, a graduate of Tech's third class, a Worcester manufacturer and Trustee who was instrumental in the early growth and expansion of WPI. From 1873, his graduation year, until his death in 1913, Daniels served his school admirably. In fact, it was through his generosity in the early 1900s that WPI was able to acquire the tract of land located between Boynton Street and Salisbury Street where Founder's Hall now stands.

The design was drafted by Rogers & Butler of New York with the Granger Contracting Company Inc. of Worcester serving as the general contractor. Currently, Daniels Hall is a co-ed first-year residence hall that houses 180 students. The three upper floors of Daniels Hall are comprised of double occupancy rooms. The first floor contained student mailboxes, a central mail facility, a bookstore, and the student life and student activities offices up until the constuction of the Campus Center, and is now used for Administrative Services and Academic Advising.

Daniels Hall also underwent a series of renovations in 1998, with refurnishing and bringing it up to ADA standards.

Daniels Hall also contains a Pi Room.

Trivia - Daniels Hall 2nd Floor showers are believed to be host to the terrible plague known as "foot AIDS", otherwise recognized as "that disease that begins with cock".

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