The Core of Campus is that portion of campus which lies within the "box" made by Salisbury Street to the North, Boynton Street to the east, Institute Road to the south, and Park Avenue to the west. This portion of the campus is also referred to as Up The Hill.


All of WPI's undergraduate academic space is located within the core of campus. Also, three of the five first-year residence halls are within the core of campus. With the exception of WPI's tennis courts, all of WPI's athletic fields are within the core of campus. The main dining hall for students, the faculty dining room, and the Campus Center food court are all within the core of campus.

Buildings on the BorderEdit

The Ellsworth and Fuller Apartments, East Hall, Founders Hall, Institute Hall, and the Stoddard Complex, although all on the border of the core campus, are often times percieved as being off campus. For Founders Hall and Institute Hall, this is most likely due to the 3-foot wall along Boynton Street as well as the change in elevation. For the Stoddard Complex and apartments, it may be because the most direct route to the building is through the wedge and the slight change in elevation for the Fuller Apartments and Stoddard Complex.


Maps of Worcester or maps provided by Google Local or Mapquest shade the core of campus different than the surrounding area (even areas which are school owned property).

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