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The Different Comedy Groups Edit

There are three comedy groups at WPI, consisting of improvisational comedy, sketch comedy, or a combination of the two.

For more detailed information on each individual group, please go to their pages above.

Club Information Edit

All three of the comedy groups on campus are under Masque's umbrella organization, Student Comedy Productions. This group has a separate President and Treasurer, elected by members of all three groups. Said groups also elect within themselves a representative to attend SCP hearings, as well as go before the Appropriations Committee to propose a budget for the coming academic year.

Elections are held every D-term, assuming office immediately.

Shows and Venues Edit

Each different group has its own planning and show process. Both Empty Set and Kilroy tend to have one show per term, whereas Guerilla Improv has been known to have one to four shows in any given term. There are also off-campus performances at locales such as Improv Boston and other universities, as well as an annual intercollegiate Comedy Festival as put together by all three groups.

The shows are generally advertised, time and location, starting a week before the show. Popular advertising methods are flyering in the poster boxes, handing out tickets in front of dining areas, writing on walkways with chalk, and word-of-mouth advertising in main areas of travel, such as the Campus Center.

Popular show venues are:

  • Riley Commons
  • Alden Hall
  • FLAUD (Fuller Auditorium)
  • Kinnicutt (Salisbury 115)
  • Olin Hall 107

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