When a student fails to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), they risk being placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or face Academic Suspension.

Academic WarningEdit

If a student does not meet the 4/3 or 8/3 minimum at the end of B- or D-Term, the student is placed on academic warning.

No punitive actions are taken for being on Academic Warning. A student is urged to consult with their advisor and Academic Advising if necessary.

Academic ProbationEdit

If a student on academic warning at the next review still fails to meet either the 4/3 or 8/3 minimum, they are placed on academic probation.

Punitive actions taken include exclusion from financial aid eligibility, team sports, accepting a Co-op position, and the Global Perspectives Program.

Zero CreditEdit

A student who earns zero credit (excluding physical education and military courses) in A- or C-Term is placed on Academic Probation if they were previously making SAP. A student already on academic warning or probation is placed on academic suspension.

Academic SuspensionEdit

If a student on academic probation at the next review still fails to meet either the 4/3 or 8/3 minimum, they face academic suspension. Such a student is said to be suspended from WPI.

The punitive action can be reversed by reapplying after waiting two terms from the initial suspension. Academic suspension is separate from a suspension that is adjudicated by Campus Hearing Board.

Processes InvolvedEdit

This process is a tiered system. Generally, you can only move one step at a time. The exception is for earning zero credit in A- or C-Term. If a student re-enters WPI after suspension, the student is considered to be on probation.

All parts of the process can be appealed to the Committee on Academic Operations.

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