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Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is a co-ed community service fraternity. Although it is a fraternity, it is not a member of the Interfraternity council and should not be confused with WPI's social fraternities. WPI has the Omicron Iota chapter of APO, which is part of Region I, Section 96.


APO does several projects on campus every year.

  • Ugly Man on Campus (UMOC) - A feature of Quadfest.
  • Blood Drive
  • Service Auction
  • Sleep-Out for Homeless Awareness


  • The community service project Hoop Dreams was organized by several APO members.
  • The first WPI student to win the AmeriCorps Education Service Award (a national award for exceptional service) was John Baird, '04, a member of APO since Spring of '01.
  • APO once sponsored a Mechanical Bull along with Tech News at WPI's Holiday Extravaganza.
  • APO always has a member deemed the "APO Elf." It is the elf's duty to promote a friendly positive attitude among members. However, the identity of the Elf must always remain secret before and after the fact.
  • APO brothers are fond of using "YiLFS" at the end of their emails and letters. Its exact meaning is only revealed after successful initiation into the brotherhood.

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